Happy Hawaiian Runner


Paris, France (2017)

Aloha. I am known as Hawaiian Girl in the running community. I was born in Honolulu; raised in Kailua, Kaneohe, and Kaneohe Bay on the island of O’ahu for the first part of my life. The second part of my life I was raised in Orange County, California where I currently reside. Happy Hawaiian Runner started out as my way of sharing the races I ran, my reviews of the race. It was mainly running the race and seeing it through my eyes. One day I decided to start sharing my training, nutrition, recipes,  traveling, and my journey of healing, and rebuilding my life after years of domestic violence tore it apart.

It’s not about what happened to me (even though I give a little history of what happened to me) it’s about how I survived. It’s about me healing from the trauma, living with PTSD. It’s about my life, my way. So, my little blog which was nothing but talking about my races became a website.

This website is my way of sharing my story to the world with hope that it will inspire people. That inspiration can be anything. It can be cooking more for yourself and/or your family. It can be getting out there and running, trying a new sport, taking up running, maybe even leaving an unhealthy relationship (friends and/or significant other), going back to school, it can be anything that is good for you and good for your life.

It is never too late to accomplish any dream you have. All you have to do is believe in yourself. I know you got this because we got this. Together.

Ku’ia kahele aka u’au ha’ahua’a (A humble person walks carefully as to not hurt others) – A Hawaiian Saying