Happy Hawaiian Runner


Paris, France (2017)

Aloha. This site use to contain my race reviews but everyone is doing race reviews. I know I want this site to go in another direction. Right now, I am working on what content I want on this bog/website, as well as the direction I want it to go in. I haven’t thought it about much since the pandemic hit, but I will keep you updated. I will also be updating this page with news, and what marathons I’m running this year; so please check back for new updates.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has kept a lot of us from traveling and running races in person. Personally, I did marathons virtually. In 2020 I did the New York City Marathon, and the Marine Corps Marathon virtually. In 2021, I was accepted to run the 125th Boston Marathon, virtually. I am officially a Boston Marathon finisher. Even the Boston Athletic Association emailed everyone saying how even though it was virtual, we all ran 26.2 miles, and they welcomed us into the Boston Marathon family. I also ran The Marine Corps Marathon, and I ran my last Los Angeles Marathon virtually.

In 2021, I was invited back to be a sponsored athlete for Michelob’s Team Ultra. This is my second year on the team, I am honored and blessed to be part of Team Ultra. This is such a wonderful team, and I have had so much fun. Even though we all went virtual, being at home, taking care of ourselves and our families, we still connect and encourage each other. I was also invited back to be an ambassador for Nuun for my second year in a row. Nuun is the best hydration I have ever used for before, during, and after races. I even use it at work (I work outdoors). I am truly honored and blessed to keep my sponsors and ambassadorships.

I have decided that I will be focusing on training, and I will not be running any local races anymore. I have big plans, but I will share when the time is right. You can find my full list of marathons here. The list is small….for now 😉