Happy Hawaiian Runner


Paris, France (2017)

Aloha. This site use to contain my race reviews but everyone is doing race reviews. I know I want this site to go in another direction. Right now, I am working on what content I want on this bog/website, as well as the direction I want it to go in. I haven’t thought it about much since the pandemic hit, but I will keep you updated. I will also be updating this page with news, and what marathons I’m running this year; so please check back for new updates.

This COVID-19 Pandemic has kept a lot of us from traveling and running races in person. Personally, I have been doing marathons virtually. I ran the Los Angeles Marathon in March 2020, one week before the shut down and that was my last in-person race.

I am excited to announce that I will be running my first Boston Marathon this year. I am registered, and my registration was accepted to run the 125th Boston Marathon, virtually. Even though I will not be toeing the start line at Hopkinton, I will be carrying the Boston spirit with me. I also have a few other virtual marathons this year.

In 2021, I was invited back to be a sponsored athlete for Michelob’s Team Ultra. This is my second year on the team, I am honored and blessed to be part of Team Ultra. This is such a wonderful team, and I have had so much fun. Even though we all went virtual, being at home, taking care of ourselves and our families, we still connect and encourage each other. I was also invited back to be an ambassador for Nuun for my second year in a row. Nuun is the best hydration I have ever used for before, during, and after races. I even use it at work (I work outdoors). I am truly honored and blessed to keep my sponsors and ambassadorships.

I have decided that I will be doing marathons only, and I will be selective of which marathons I run. I have ran just about every single race in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. I want to focus more on the marathon distance, training, and I want to travel more. You can find my full list of marathons here. The list is small….for now 😉