2014 Run Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood 5k

I must admit, in the final week leading up to the race I grew more and more excited. I couldn’t wait to pick up my race packet, I had been working with

the owners of York Sign Shop to create my customized medal holder, and I ordered it the weekend before the race. I couldn’t wait for race day, it was like waiting for Christmas, only I couldn’t get my mind off it. Not only was this a new experience for me, but I knew that I starting something that would be apart of my life.

Race Day: 

I knew that race day was going to be hectic, especially with Hollywood Blvd. being shut down for the race, and so many people headed toward the same place for the race. I decided that I would arrive at 4am, so that I can find parking, relax in my car and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a light breakfast, which consisted of an orange, and Gatorade.

I was out in front of the Hard Rock Cafe at 4 am; I arrived and parked my car at 3:45am. I stretched, and kept warm waiting for the race to start. All of us were taking pictures, asking others if they would take pictures of us. It was great, and the people running were nice and positive.

Pictures were taken 30 minutes before the start of the race, and trust me, those 30 minutes go by very quickly. I decided to start near the back so allow the faster running to be up in the front.

I used my Nike+ Running app to track my run. I turned off the voice coaching and just had music. I saw the 1 mile marker after running through the intersection of Hollywood and Vine.

I was running behind the Gingerbread woman for half of the race. She was giving everyone high-five, and she was so energetic. She surely did keep a smile on my face as we ran toward the 101 freeway then over the 101 freeway.

I got to the u-turn part of the race, and I was on my way back down Hollywood Blvd. toward the finish. I was in my own world, I remember walking to grab a cup of water, drank it, went back to running; but I don’t remember seeing the 2 mile marker. I decided to look on my phone and I was at two and a half miles. It was then I was trying to figure out how I missed the mile two marker.

Next thing I knew I saw the mile three marker, and I speed up a bit and crossed the finish line, and I now officially have a PR (Personal Record) of 33:40!!

I had set a personal best running around my neighborhood, but I this race, I beat it! I felt so good and was so proud of myself. I didn’t want to leave, it was the Hard Rock and it was nothing but a big, relaxed, celebration. Some of the money from the registration fee went toward A Friends Place, which is an organization that helps homeless youth in Hollywood to lead self sufficient lives and to become successful.

It was impossible to pass up this unique opportunity to run Hollywood Blvd.  I am so glad that I did this, and this has now motivated me to do more. This is a family event, I saw people running with their kids in strollers, they were running/walking with their kids, it was great. People are willing to just chat with you, offer to take a pic of you with your camera, such a wonderful positive people who go to these events. It truly was  a wonderful first experience.

I cannot wait till next year’s Run Hard Rock Cafe 5k Hollywood, it will be a very exciting event for me as I know have a lot of personal sentiment attached to this event now.

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood for such a wonderful, positive, and addicting experience. One of my favorite all time events, and I will see you in 2015.

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