2014 Turkey Trot Los Angeles

First off, I must admit how the event organizers made this a truly fun event with a take on Star Wars. Who could resist a race that has a Star Wars inspired theme?

Race Day:

I was running a bit late and just wanted to get on the start line before the race started. I had paid and reserved parking in advanced in the Wells Fargo Parking Structure. I’m not sure what went wrong with the parking when I got there the parking structure was full, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I found a lot within spitting distance, and I got to park in the front of the lot, which was absolutely perfect.  We had to walk to the start/finish line, which was less than half a mile, from where we parked, which isn’t a bad walk actually. When I arrived at the start line I heard them say that the event would be starting 15 minutes late. Oh I was so thankful because I had to not only pin my bib on my shirt, but I had to pin my son’s bib on his shirt.

IMG_8986This was his first 5k and I was excited for him.  At the start of the race we started to go up some slight inclines, we took in the beautiful views of City Hall, before walking up ‘the hill’, which is on W. 1st Street. Walking up was not the problem, walked past the Los Angeles Superior Court House, and then the Disney Music Hall, before walking down the hill. While walking down I had an uncomfortable feeling that was my shin splint.

After that it was smooth sailing down Spring St. in Historic Downtown Los Angeles. I love the buildings there, built in either the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. It was beautiful, and I wish that they still built buildings like that. It truly was a beautiful, and it was good to actually look at the buildings and the architecture of them instead of driving through, we all know you can’t take your eyes off the traffic in Downtown LA. So many buildings to see that I decided one day I will be taking a day and spending it in Downtown LA to specifically take pictures of all the buildings on Spring St.

The route was not 3.11 miles, which is a standard 5k run; it was 3.37 miles. wow! I thought something was wrong with my app (I use the Nike+ Running app) but as I was looking through #turkytrotla on Instagram, I noticed a couple other people also had 3.37 miles from their Nike+ Running app. I really got a long run in today!

This was a great way to kick off Thanksgiving day. Nothing like a little walk before the big meal. This is a family fun event, there were so many kids running/walking with their parents. The volunteers are nice and wonderful, always cheering you on as well as other runners. A bonus to this race is that the timing chips we got to keep! Totally awesome! I


Proud happy boy

will be doing this event again next year, but, as my friend who walked with me today told me, “We’re running this entire race next year, hill and all.” Looks like I’ll be working on running up and down steep hills. As we are walking to the car my son asked me “So, when’s the next one?” Im glad that he had a blast and Im so proud of him. He said his calfs hurt, but he didn’t complain and didn’t act like he was in pain. I was so impressed with him, he was fantastic!

The event organizers are fantastic, they informed me via email that they are currently working with the parking company to get those who couldn’t use the parking they paid for in advance, refunds. I’m so glad that the event organizers stand up for the participants and make sure wrongs are righted. The event organizers are so kind and I feel so bad that something’s didn’t go smoothly for them.

The event organizers did work hard to get all of us who were not able to use the parking a refund. They are wonderful people. I will be doing this event yearly, see you in 2015 Turkey Trot LA!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂

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