2015 New Years Race – 5k Event

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope this year is a year filled with love, peace, happiness, good health and prosperity. This is my first 5k race for the year, and my first time running this event. I was excited about this event; I was just about fully recovered from my injuries and was able to actually run it, however, I was sick with an ear infection. It was at night through Downtown Los Angeles, and I heard a lot of wonderful things about this event.

Race Day: 

We were organized into Corral by how long it would take you to finish the event. I wasn’t ok with it at first, but then as I started the race I realized it was a very good thing. It kept all of us from trampling all over each other.  The music was way too loud. Everyone was covering their ears.  It was 55 degrees when the race started, it was cold but  in a good way. Everyone was wearing gloves, caps, and light warm up jackets to keep warm.

Running at night was a sight. Its beautiful to see Pershing Square and the Downtown LA Skyline all lit up at night. It was beautiful. I found it difficult to not look up at the DTLA buildings all lit up at night.

Going through the 2nd Street tunnel was the place I felt slowed me down. It was hotter than hell in the tunnel. I was so glad to get out of the tunnel, back into the cold weather. I was more happy to see the water station right there. That was perfect placement!

Running in front of LAPD HQ made me a bit sad, because there were protestors there, yelling at us about how cops kill black kids. I really didn’t hear the rest because I turned up my music, I did however, remove my headphones and thanked the Officers who were standing there. I understand everyone has a right to freedom of speech, however, walking up to the runners and yelling your opinions is not the way to do things.  We are there to enjoy ourselves and to run, not to be bothered by the opinions of another. I felt bad for the Officers standing there. Special thanks to the LAPD for keeping all of us who ran, volunteered, and those on the side lines cheering safe that night and every night.

The course in ways reminded me of the Turkey Trot LA 5k course, and I am so glad that we only had to run down the hill that is on Hill Street,  during the Turkey Trot LA we had to run up that hill and down the hill.

The hills on W. Arcadia St were killer. I was feeling it in my thighs the next couple of days. I have no experience running up hills, but I made it! I had to stop and walk for a little bit before running again. Then we made a right on N. Broadway before hitting the U-turn to head back down to the finish line.

This really was a fun course to run!!! I enjoyed it and so far, it’s my favorite course. The course was very well lit, people were standing along the course cheering all the runners which was awesome! The after race water, and food was fantastic. Whole fruits, nuts, and sweets. I didn’t stay long for the after race party at Grand Park, but  I heard it was such a fantastic time and all I can say is, next year.

I was surprised to see so many people come out for this event, 7,000 runners! I was shocked at the amount of people, and the 5k/10k event was sold out. I must say I do love running these races and the people. This was an absolute blast! Running at night through Downtown Los Angeles truly is a wonderful experience!

I was also surprised at my time; 37:24! Running with an ear infection (which a week later I found out I had walking pneumonia), slight Plantar Fasciitis, the small drawstring backpack they give you (which is my favorite bag I’ve gotten from races), and running up hills; I think I’m getting faster. What do you think? I would love to beat my 5k time next year, however, I will be doing the half-marathon next year. This is one race I have to run every single year.

Be sure you check out the race’s official website, because they have links to third party vendors. I had a custom bib shirt done, and I also went to iTaB and got this wonderful addition to my medal. It was $10, and it is designed to go with the medal. I love mine, and I’m glad I got the customized bib shirt, and the iTaB. I for sure need to bring more money with me because at the Health and Fitness Expo, they have awesome vendors and even sell Official New Years Race Apparel.

See you in 2016 New Years Race, Doubleheader Challenge (5k and Half Marathon) here I come!

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