2015 Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 5k

While we were waiting for our Corral to start at the New Years Race, my son told me that he wanted to run with me. I promised him that I will find a 5k for him to run with me and he will have to train with me. He said he wants to run, and starts to take off with the runners. I picked the Chinatown 5k for a lot of personal reasons, which made it perfect. While I was training him for his first 5k run (he walked the entire distance the first three 5k races he was in), I couldn’t help but think how proud I am of him, this is the race that he gets his first 5k PR and I get to be there every step of the way. Before this race started I was already one proud Mama.  

Race Day: 
We got to bring in the New Year, and celebrate with a 5k run back in January (New Year’s Race Los Angeles), and now we are bringing in and celebrate Chinese New Year! How awesome is that?

IMG_1779Sadly, I had to work the night before but a co-worker offered to cover the past three hours of my shift. So I got off at 3am, picked up my son, and headed straight to Chinatown. When I got to Chinatown I took a nap in the car for about an hour. Yes, this is important because it will explain why I got so confused easily about a few things.

The beginning festivals were absolutely fabulous!! My son and I both enjoyed what they had planned out. It is also motivating and gets you excited to start the race. My son wanted to go run after all the firecrackers stopped.

IMG_1809This course is a challenging one. It was uphill for the first mile and a half and the hills were steep. It is rewarding because you get a lot of wonderful views of DTLA, we ran past the LA Fire Department’s Fire Academy, and a piece from the World Trade Center. Running by Dodger Stadium is a bonus.

From Dodger Stadium it was all downhill, literally. They had entertainment along one part of the course, and we could hear those drums once we got to the 110 freeway. We knew we were almost at the finish line.

Once we were back on Broadway and my son say the finish line he ran all the way to the finish line, and set his PR at 51:50! Im so proud of him and not a bad PR at all for his first time running a 5k. He did of course walk in between running which was all good with me.

Ok, so this is where I got confused. There was no post-race drinks and snacks once you make your way past the finish line. They are around the corner, on College St. So I decided to walk tIMG_1831hrough the plaza to get some water and a banana for us, when I see someone holding a sign that said “Exit”. Now, to me, that means I can exit. The gentleman holding the sign told me I cannot exit this way, and I have to go back to the street and walk around. At first, I thought it was me due to the lack of sleep but everyone else thought the same thing I did.


We get back out to Broadway and start to walk toward College when we see a long line for the post-snack area. My son looked at me and asked if we can just go to the car and go elsewhere. I agreed with him. We just went to the car and headed out.

 can understand why things are set up the way that they were. It is a small area and not a whole lot of room, however, I feel that post-race refreshments could be organized and placed a little better. Of course, this is only my opinion.


The organizers put on a fabulous event, and now my son and I are determined to make it up the hills next year without it draining is so much. Very challenging course.

This is a 5k we will be doing again. We truly did have a lot of fun and the people are absolutely hands down friendly and fabulous.

We will see you in 2016 LA Chinatown Firecracker for Year of the Monkey (Year I was born in).



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