2015 Hollywood Half’s 10k Event

image-12It was amazing that my first 5k event was in Hollywood, 5 months ago. After my first 5k I decided it would be fitting to have my first 10k in Hollywood as well, and the Hollywood Half-Marathon’s 10k event was perfect. Their 10k event also has runners, running down Hollywood Blvd, very similar to the Run Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood 5k. It was perfect, and anytime you have the opportunity to run down Hollywood Blvd without getting arrested, is good.

Race Day: 

I unintentionally sabatoged myself for today’s race.

Sabatoge #1:  I didn’t run for a good week and a half, last time I ran my shin splints were hurting badly, so I decided to rest and heal.

Sabatoge #2) I picked up race packets on Friday. By the time I fought traffic (which is always worse on Fridays and starts earlier), got home, and got everything ready for the morning I had only three hours of sleep.

image-14These two sabatoges are the most common for those who just started running. That is why I have decided to share my mistakes as well as my triumphs. I know you’re wondering how is not running with injury a bad thing? I should have continued to run short distances and I should have used KT Tape on my shin splints while I was injured. We can all learn not only from our own mistakes, but from the mistakes of others. All I can say is lesson learned, don’t do it again, and lets move forward. After all, success isn’t a straight line.

At this event people had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite super hero. The event is put together by Superhero Events, it’s only completely fitting. However, we are all super hero’s in a way. Me, I am a domestic violence survivor. Im sure there are a lot of other runners who have over come their own major challenges that life threw at them.

Start time was at 6:00am, and we were all organized into corrals. The course was a image-9challenging course. There were a lot of hills on the side streets off Hollywood Blvd. They had a steady incline, but were not steep.

The course was clearly marked; all runner knew what side of the street to be on in advance which made for an absolutely smooth transition without any collisions with other runners. I absolutely loved that. There were water stations at the first two miles, then no water stations after that until you got to the last mile and a half (10k runners only). With the sun coming out, and the streets starting to heat up, I think there should have been more water stations.

During the course of the race, I was getting tired, those hills are killer and I was worn out from the hills. I stayed close to the cones and held my hand out to give runners a high five as we ran by each other. It was for encouragement and good vibes for not only myself but for the other runners as well. We were all encouraging and motivating each other through out the race. Runners are always positive, encouraging, and motivate you. That’s what makes these events so worth coming to.

Half marathoners and 10k runners ran together for a good distance until it was time for the 10k runners to start heading back and to the finish line.


Headed toward the finish line; Hollywood and Vine

The finish line, OMG! There was so much food there. Bagels, trail mix, cookies, moon pies, full size bananas, water, coconut water. I needed a box to carry all the stuff. The event organizers knew for sure what us runners needed after the run. The coconut water was just what I needed to hydrate, I needed the banana and the bottle of water. My son did the 5k event with my mom, and they beat me to the finish line, so when I crossed the finish line then turned in my timing chip, my son ran up to me (he was wearing his medal proudly) and gave me a hug.

I never ran a 10k before, so today was my first time. It was exciting, first time running that distance and first 10k event. I finished with a time of 01:19:26. Not bad at all for my first time! That is my PR, and a new goal; beat that time. I was so exhausted I slept from the time I got home at 9:30am till 9:00pm. I went to work, and when I got home I passed out. My body the next day felt so beat up.

The medals were a republica of the starts on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This year is the last year that the medal will be the star. The medals will be redesigned for next year, and nobody knows what the medal is going to look like. I know we will all be on pins and needles waiting for the medal to be revealed.

MarathonFoto was the Official Photographer of the event, and they are excellent. The 267674_190473239_XLargephotos are up quickly, their customer service is awesome. I received an email from MarathonFoto that I am able to download all of my photos for free courtesy of Hollywood Half Marathon 5k/10k. I’m not sure if they do this every year, but I must say, they absolutely ROCK for allowing us to download all of our pictures for free. I know the Hollywood Half Marathon 5k/10k paid for it for us. It is extremely awesome of them. They truly are good to the people who run their races, and they are excellent event organizers.

Will I be doing this event next year? Of course, only next year I’ll be doing the half marathon. The course is challenging, the course is well laid out and organized, the people are fantastic, and it is just so much fun. This is a must have on a runner’s race schedule.

I’m all registered to run the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 9, 2016. I hope to see you there!

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