2015 Aloha Run 5k

Aloha! E komo mai Long Beach!

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a Hawaiian themed run! This little Hawaiian was all in, and I needed it too, I had been in a funk for a month. It was also being held in Long Beach; this City has so much good memories for me. I found myself in Long Beach.

Race Day:

As with previous races I always got there extra early to nap, and warm up. Turns out we didn’t need to get there that early. Parking was great, and we napped in the car until it was time to get ready and start walking across the street. I was watching the weather, it had been raining and it dropped to 65 degrees. I hadn’t seen this kind of weather in years, and I was so happy to see it but I was also concerned because of my son, who was running the event with me.


Beautiful view of the Queen Mary 

We started to walk and we felt great, we even took a very slow run to warm up. We got to the start line, which is at Shoreline Aquatic Park, and there were beach balls, music, and just good vibes all the way around. People where gently hitting the beach balls up in the air and my son got to hit one. He was excited.

Once we crossed that starting line, my son wanted to run, and he took off. I guess the excitement took over because he was running fast and keeping a good pace. Starting from the lighthouse we ran past the Aquarium of the Pacific, continuing to run along the water and toward the Yard House. We followed the wooden path all the way around and hit the cement, running toward the Queen Mary.

That 65 degree weather felt so good, and the cold didn’t bother us one bit. We had no 8jacket, I was wearing capris and a short sleeve shirt, while my son was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. The crowds along the route were constantly cheering for you, and the volunteers not only handed out water, but were also along the route to cheer you on. It was just a great vibe, and I couldn’t stop smiling. My son couldn’t stop either.

We hit the turn around and started heading back toward Shorline Aquatic Park, we were looking at all the boats docked, and the Queen Mary. It was a beautiful view, and such a beautiful day. My son kept running, and at times slowed down his pace and took baby steps to catch his breath. Once we saw the lighthouse, he pushed it hard toward the finish line and finished with a time of 40:22. He’s almost to my PR I set at the Run Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood 5k back in November of 2014 (my PR was 33:29). I remember when he ran the Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 5k back in March and got his first PR of 51:50! He’s getting faster, that’s for sure. I’m so proud of him!

My son couldn’t stop talking about how much of a great run it was and how much fun it was. He really enjoyed himself and he was telling me how positive and fun the atmosphere was. He said that we must do this event every single year. I agree with him, this was one of the best races I’ve run all year! I felt recharged and I just felt so positive and happy. I was on a runner’s high even the day after. It was fantastic!

We’ll be back here next year!

I’ll be back in Long Beach to run the Long Beach Half Marathon!

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