2015 Year In Review

I honestly wasn’t sure if I should write about my running year, I’m still a baby in the running world and for most of the year I was running by myself. I went to the races, ran with my music, crossed the finish line, and went home. I didn’t once go into the beer garden, celebration zones, and never honestly celebrated the fact that I not only set out to run, but that I also finished. Even when writing the race recaps, it sounded so uniform and it was putting a damper on writing this. It is not like me to let anything put a damper on me doing something, so I decided to write about what I write about best, the positive and fun filled adventures I had during the year. These events are in chronological order, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

UnitedLA Family Picnic 

One of my friends kept telling me about how he was running with a run group and how much it has helped him. He said he’s tried and ran with a couple run groups that he likes, but he is only able to run with one because of his work schedule. He suggested that I join him on this picnic; he said it will be a perfect opportunity for me to meet new people, talk to people from all run groups, and just have some fun.

I am a shy person, and I am afraid of putting myself out there. I am never the first to talk to people, I prefer to stay in the back and not say anything. I am nervous when I first people meet people, and it all has to do with my days in elementary school. Since I was going with my friend, it made things a bit easier for me.

I got to meet a lot of wonderful people that day, and lets just say this family picnic back in August not only planted the seed, but it also showed me the way to one run group.

A Month of Changes

One Weekend; Two Run Groups, Two Runs

I have been scared to actually come out and run with a run group. My friend Daisy runs with UnitedLA, and she was also leading the run from the Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign and back. Daisy had me at “A run through Griffith Park”; I gathered up all my nerves as best as I could, and I showed up. I’m glad I did show up, because I was not only finally able to give my friends that I met on social media a big hug, but I also got to meet new people.

All of these people are strong runners, they ran up those hills like the hills didn’t exist. Me, I am a slow runner who needs lots of practice running up hills, and I also needed to run more. It was this reason why I’ve always been so afraid to run with run groups. I just kept thinking that this is my run, and I cannot compare my chapter two to someone else’s chapter 35.

Even though I was the last one down, Daisy, Goose, Peter and a couple of other people were waiting, and I will never forget what they told me. They told me that everyone is celebrated because we accomplished the same distance and challenges. We all went out to lunch, and it was there that Daisy talked me into running the Los Angeles Marathon in 2016. It was a very uplifting and positive experience that changed my view on everything.

The following Monday was my first run with Rundalay, I was meeting my friend Susan there that night. I got there early and was greeted with a hug. All of you who know me know just how much I love hugs, and I even helped them set up. It was so good to see Susan, and to give her a hug. We talked and she introduced me to some of her friends, Susy, Marisol, Javier, and Ricardo. I was super surprised to see my friend Jacks there, she was happy to see me there too. It was the first night I ran with Susy, from that night on Susy and I run together every single Monday and together at races we are both registered for.

This Rundalay event started to open the cocoon, even though I am still afraid to spread my beautiful wings, I must come out on my own and at my own pace.

Rock n Roll Los Angeles 

I think that this event was more special for me, this was my Dad’s first 5k event, and he returned to running because my son wanted a pumpkin medal. From the moment we arrived and were walking around, I could tell how incredible my Dad thought it was to be there. It was his first time doing one of these events, and I know he felt the same way I did during my first ever event.

End of Year Thoughts 

This year I ran my first 10k, I ran my first half marathon, and I celebrated my Runniversary with my entire family, including my run family. The last three months of the year were absolutely fantastic, I am having a lot of fun, I’m making new friends, I have a run family, and each day I’m coming out of my cocoon little by little. I’m ready to take on 2016 with a new outlook on things, and in a positive light. Here’s to 2016

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