Inaugural Run to Remember Los Angeles

“Run to Remember” originally began in Boston in 2005, as a way to show support and to honor those law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty. The LAPD has sent teams over to run in Boston. A few LAPD Officers with the help of Steve Balfour and the Boston Police Runner’s Club to establish Run to Remember Los Angeles.

This inaugural event is to honor and support all of our first responders; The Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriffs, Los Angeles Fire Department, and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The race started and finished at The Grove; who allowed us to park in their parking structure free of charge, which was extremely generous and I know I was grateful. All the festivities, the course, the start/finish line, and I mean everything was extremely well organized. I ran the half marathon.


I had talked a friend of mine into doing the 10k event, it was her first 10k. I even talked three of my friends in my RunFam into doing the event, they all did the 10k event. It is good to get out there and show support for those who put their lives on the line everyday for us. The recruits from the LA County Sheriff’s as well as recruits from the LA Fire Department were all there doing the 10k event in formation.

The best part of this event was running through the back lot of Paramount Pictures. We entered through the Melrose Gate, where there were tons of LAPD and LASD black and whites, with officers and deputies cheering us on. We saw photos of LAPD Officers and LASD Deputies who were killed in the line of duty, then we entered the back lot, New York City. It was here that I saw LAPD Chief Charlie Beck standing next to car from Adam 12. I was one of a few people who got to greet Chief Beck, who was also running the half marathon.


with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck out on the course

Guess who caught up to me? Jo caught up to me, I didn’t even know I ran passed her until she told me. We got to talking about the New Years Race half marathon, and training for other races. I was so happy to see her and to run with her through Paramount Pictures. She was running the 10k event.

We both ran down the red carpet and exited Paramount Pictures via the Bronson Gate. It was here that Jo and I had to continue down Melrose in separate directions. Right when I started to run up Melrose I saw Sheriff McDowell walking in the opposite direction giving runners a firm hand shake as we ran by. The rest of the course was great, plenty of water and Gatorade stations, plenty of support staff monitoring the runners on the course.


I kept seeing Juice out on the course, and that kept me on track. I saw a lot of my run family, my Rundalay family and my friends out on the course. We were all cheering each other on as we passed each other on the course. We’re always all smiles, and I’m always so glad to see them all.

By doing this race, I got to run a section of Los Angeles that I never ran before. Its always exciting to run in a new place, no matter where it is. I will admit, that last mile out on the course was the hardest. I wanted off the course already, until I stopped to talk to a runner. I asked if her app matched mine, and it did. So we got to talking and turns out this was her first half marathon. We were talking about races, and how do I plan which ones to do, how do I find out about new ones. She wanted to do more half marathons, and really enjoyed the experience. We crossed the finish line together which was actually pretty cool. No matter what, runners help out other runners.

71The finish was great as well. Sheriff McDonnell was at the finish line to congratulate all runners as they crossed the finish line. It was great to see runners supporting all the first responders, and the first responders supporting us.

The Grove was home to the event, and they did a beautiful job. They had bottles of water for us in addition to the bottles of water we got at the finish line, even though we took a ticket to park, they allowed us to park for free which all runners absolutely love, and The Grove truly made all us runners feel welcomed and at home.

Seeing my Run Family there, also showing their support was an overwhelming feeling. Seeing Marisol at the end and getting a big hug from her, truly made my heart sing and the fact that I PR’d with a time of 2:48:18 was the best. I was so excited about this event, that I seriously rushed through it. I won’t be making that mistake next year.


Everyone who was involved in planning this event went above and beyond to make sure that it was a truly fun, and memorable experience, and it was. This race is right at the top of one the best races I’ve run. I had a runner’s high for a couple days after the race, and this is a race I will be doing every single year.




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