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This is my first product review. I’m super excited to be writing about this product, because it is a product that I not only use constantly, but it has also won my heart for various reasons.

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on the Culver City Stairs

I have tried a variety of handheld water bottles, all not living up to what they claim they can do. All were uncomfortable, heavy, bulky, and I constantly adjusted them during my runs rather than enjoy my run. While I was on Instagram I noticed a picture posted by Orange Mud about their hydration packs. I went to their website to check it out, and I saw that they have handheld water bottles. I read all about it, and ordered one. My order came in three days, and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

First test, the Culver City Stairs. To me, that is like an ultimate test. There is an elastic pocket for your cell phone and keys, so I placed my cell phone and car key in the elastic pocket. The bottle is 21oz, and it is not bulky at all. It is compact and stylish.

It is extremely comfortable for my hand, so comfortable in fact that I forget its there. No sliding, no adjusting the strap through the run, and I’m not worried about my stuff falling out. When Orange Mud said it is “no grip” they were not kidding. I do not at any time have to grip that bottle, which has helped my posture so much, and that enables me to run so much stronger and faster. The no grip bottle keeps my hand relaxed, which also keeps my arm and shoulder relaxed.

The bottle itself does not stink at all, even after forgetting it was in the trunk of my car with water still in it, it has no bacteria build up, and it still looks and smells brand new. I also use the bottle itself while at the gym. It has been the best water bottle I’ve used.

I’ve used this hand held hydra pack during my interval training runs at Echo Park as well as the beach. Recently, I’ve used in 102 degree weather, and it has been nothing short but an absolute pleasure to use during my runs. I never leave home without it. It is by far the best hand held water bottle I have ever used. I am completely head over heels in love with this hydra pack. I highly recommend this running water bottle handheld hydration pack.


hitting the trails

Their running water bottle handheld hydration pack comes in a variety of colors. I will for sure need to order more so I have all the colors. Orange Mud has a wide variety of products, and there are a couple I have my eye on that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

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