We Run The Grove

I would have been absolutely insane if I passed up the opportunity to not only run again in my backyard, but to run a half marathon for free. That’s right, 100% free. Race day I decided to drop down to a 10k. The streets were not going to be closed off which means having to stop for red lights. I was keeping my miles low anyways, so a 10k was perfect for me. This event is also known as “Race to Erase MS”.

The streets are not closed for this event, so you do have to run on the sidewalk, which is no bug shocker that it was crowded trying to run, but that we all have to obey the laws. There were runners who were running against the red lights, blocking vehicles who had a green light from turning. One runner with a baby in the stroller was almost hit by a car because she decided to just run out in front of vehicles who were on top of the crosswalk. I could not believe what I was seeing.

It was difficult for me to get through the first two and a half miles. I really struggled, but by mile 3 I was feeling ok, then by mile 4.5 I was feeling like I was on cloud 9. It wasn’t about the time for me, I just wanted to get in some miles, and just enjoy a run through the neighborhood with friends.

It is a wonderful, quiet run through the neighborhood, and they did provide water along the routes. I think that closing the streets for the race will be beneficial to the event. Also, no medals. I would have loved to see an option to buy a medal with the proceeds going toward MS charity/charities. I did enjoy this run, and it was the perfect Sunday run.

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July 17, 2016

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