“I Love Cali in the Summer Time…”

I was truly trying to keep my blog specifically to only race recaps, but I realized that I can do so much more with it than just race recaps. After all, I am a Hawaiian living in Los Angeles, I train in Los Angeles, and there sure is a lot of training going on. After all, it all has to do with running, why not?


Summer is almost over, I can’t believe it, it left just as quick as it came. High temps and high humidity made it perfect for me. I needed to heat train and humidity train. I’ve actually enjoyed running in these summer months.


Running down Mulholland

In June, Rundalay announced that Night Owl was a hill challenge up Mulholland; 3 miles of nothing but up hill. Starting in Studio City, we’d run to Woodrow Wilson Drive, then we’d run up hill, 3 miles. Once we got to the Mulholland Gate for Runyon Canyon, it was all downhill from there. Strava alerted me that I received 7th Overall on a segment during the run. wow! I’ve never had that happen before. I was feeling proud. I was also feeling proud that I conquered the uphill, by not giving up. I also ran the remainder 3.5 miles non-stop, which was a first in a very long time for me. I finished 6.5 miles in 1:24:23 with an average pace of 12:55/mi. I was on Cloud 9 and feeling fantastic.

Once a week, my son has been coming with me and we’ve been hitting the Culver City Stairs together. One day, he got his first day of training in high humidity. It was 75 degrees with the humidity at 69%. We broke our record that day, and our PR is 13:11 from the bottom of the stairs to the top of the stairs. We both are getting faster, and stronger. We’re gonna see if we can hit the stairs twice a week, but we also want to incorporate a 5k run before, then hit the stairs at the end.


Culver City Stairs

I have also been getting myself back up to running miles non-stop; I use to be able to run a 5k non-stop, then I got injured, then I started training for half marathons by doing intervals. Now, its time to get back up to running non-stop. First goal is to get back up to running a 5k non-stop. Next will be to run a 10k non-stop; the ultimate is to run at least 10 miles non-stop before the Los Angeles Marathon. I’ve also been pulling in some more interval training, and getting those miles back up. Its marathon training, full speed ahead. I really want to beat this year’s LA Marathon time. I’ve been running sections of the marathon route in Downtown LA to get training in on those hills.

I also need to hit the trails for the Griffith Park Marathon Relay at least once before the actual race. I talked to a friend of mine who did it and he told me what he did while he ran the trail on race day. Sounds like an excellent idea, and exactly what I was thinking. I was going to walk up the hills, run on the straight and the downhill. I’m going to try it out, and see how it goes time wise. I don’t want to let my team down.

Here’s to Continuing with New Experiences, New Beginnings…

I’m very, very excited to announce that I have qualified for half fanatics. I received my HFsignemail from half fanatics, Congratulating me on qualifying. I’m just waiting on my payday to get here so I can pay the dues and then I’ll officially be a half fanatic. I’m super excited about being a half fanatic. I’ve been looking into the qualifications for being a marathon maniac; turns out that next year after running the Los Angeles Marathon, the Paris Marathon, and if I do the OC Marathon I will qualify by running 3 marathons in 90 days. The OC Marathon has now been added to my races for 2017, and I can’t wait to put in my application for marathon maniacs next year. I’ll also be turning in my application to be a Double Agent as well. I’m starting to venture out more into the running community, and I’m super excited about it. I love meeting new people.

I also put in my application to be an Ambassador for the Los Angeles Marathon. I really hope I get this one, but if I don’t get it, I tried and that’s all that matters. Plus, there’s always next year. I’m going to keep on trying until I get it. I will always continue to express my love for the Los Angeles Marathon, and for Los Angeles. That will never change.


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