Conquer the Overlook 5k & Stair Climb

One day I took my son to the Culver City stairs with me, and on his first attempt, he made it all the way to the top. He loved it. We went back again to workout with my sole sister, and he was in love with the stairs. He saw the banners for the Conquer the Overlook, and when I showed him the map on the Internet, his eyes lit up. I knew right then and there the wheels in his head were turning, then he said he wanted to do the 5k and the stair climb. I was shocked; I was thinking he’d want to do the stair climb and only the stair climb. He amazes me everyday, so I signed both of us up for it. He was excited for this event and couldn’t wait.

Race Day: 

The start line was at the same place as packet pickup. The start time was at 6pm and it was perfect. We were able to get a cool breeze during the race. The course was easy to follow, volunteers were holding signs and instructing us where to go. They were very knowledgeable about the course.

This was the most challenging 5k I have done, plus there is a 282 stair climb to the finish line. There was hills, hills, and more hills. My son and I sure did get in a lot of hill training that day.  My son started out great, pacing himself, and working on building up his endurance. He ran almost a mile and a half before he needed a walk break. When we got to mile 2, I had noticed that he was too focused on the distance, how much further we have to go, so it was time I changed that. I told him to just focus on the now, enjoy the scenery, and just be happy. I started to tell him jokes, and talk to him to take his mind off the run, once we got to the top of the hill, he was off and running.

We were on our second loop, headed toward mile 3, and also toward the bottom of the stairs. We hit the stairs, and my son took off. He was flying up those stairs. I was having a difficult time keeping up with him, I had to tell him to slow down a couple of times. He was looking back at me and saying “Come on Mama, hurry up. I wanna get to the top. I can see the finish line, I want my medal.” I was still nursing a tight hamstring, and I wanted to take it easy so that I wouldn’t pull it and injure it.

My son made it up to the top first, and then i followed a couple of seconds after him. We finished the race in under an hour, and it took us 9 minutes to climb the 282 stone steps to the top which is a PR for us. He was so proud of himself that he did it in under an hour, and he should be. I saw the look on his face, I was one proud mama. He told me that he really wants and needs to work on his strength, and to work on running longer. I’ll be taking him out on more runs with me to help him accomplish his goals. This race is the first step in training for his first marathon.


According to Strava we finished in 52:57. Oh yeah, I am so proud of that time myself, that was not an easy 5k, it was challenging and difficult. It was a true test of strength and endurance. I have the route saved on Strava which we can both do whenever we want. We can only go up from here. I’m still so proud of my little man.

I honestly wasn’t happy with the medal. There is no year on it, it’s very plain, and I felt that the medal design was an after thought. I feel overall it could have been done better. 



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