Santa Monica Classic 10k

My first time running the Santa Monica Classic, and the first race in the inaugural ConquerLA challenge. My bestie was doing the 5k as she embarked on her journey of completing the Triple 5k Tour of LA, which is the 5k version of the ConquerLA Challenge. I’m so proud of my bestie for taking on the Triple 5k Tour of LA challenge, and for in a way, embarking on this journey with me. Lets get this race started.


Race Day: 

I parked near the finish line, so it was a mile walk to the start line. It was a nice warm up walk, and I felt great. The 10k started at 8:30am and I was looking forward to running as much of the 10k as possible with little to no stopping. That was the goal, and also it was training in the high humidity.

The race started, I wished Jo luck and gave her hug. Right when I crossed the start line, I had a tight hamstring in my right leg. I slowed my pace and my stride, so I could run. By mile 3 I had only stopped 3 times, and I took a walk break after mile 3. My tight hamstring was gone and I was feeling fantastic. I went back to running and at mile 3.25 I started to have side stitches which caused me to stop numerous times. I ran as best as I could, and at mile 5 my side stitches had vanished. I started to run toward the finish line, as it was in eye sight. I was focusing on that, my jam came on, and at mile 5.50 I started to get a headache.

I was like come on, really? My body was not liking me, and didn’t want to do the 10k. I kept pushing forward, I really wanted to finish. I crossed the finish line with a time of 1:20:06. I was very disappointed in this time, because I know I could have done better, and I felt like I could do better. I do have to remember that physically I had a bad race, and it happens to everyone. I decided to not beat myself up about it, and I began to focus on the positives. I just ran a 10k and finished. Also, my time of 1:20:06 puts me in a 2:40:12 half marathon time, which would be a PR for me. With that being said, that also puts me in the 5:10:20 marathon time, another PR for me. Once I saw it that way, I decided that even while I was having a bad race physically, I can still achieve those times, which is fantastic.

This race is the first race in the ConqurLA Challenge. While I’m working on completing the ConqurLA Challenge, my friend is working on completing the Triple 5k Tour. I’m so proud of her, especially since I talked her into it and its pushing her out of her comfort zone. One down, two to go. Next up in the ConqurLA Challenge is the Pasadena Half Marathon in January 2017.

Next race: Dodgers Foundation 5k

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