Dodgers Foundation 5k

I had missed this run last year, and I wasn’t going to miss it this year. No way was I missing it. I had saved the money, and registered myself and my son for the 5k. Two weeks prior to this race, I had surgery and was recovering. This 5k was my come back to ease back into running.


View from parking lot of Dodger Stadium

Packet Pick-up: 

Awesome! Thats the word that ones to mind when I think about the packet pickup. It was extremely easy to get to, the staff at Dodger Stadium was extremely knowledgable, and knew all the great parking lots to park in. They were there for us, and I was grateful. 

Wow. Dodger Stadium! I had never been. The first time I had been was the New Year’s Race half marathon, where I got to run the parking lot, but also I got to run/walk on the warning track inside Dodger Stadium. That was first experience at Dodger Stadium and it was so cool. During packet pickup, they had concession stands open, you can sit in the bleachers, eat, and just enjoy the view. You could also shop in the souvenir shop, and if you showed your race bib, you got an 20% off selected items. To see inside Dodger Stadium was awesome, and I was totally caught up in just being there that I didn’t realize a friend was calling out my name to say hello. I didn’t even hear him. I felt so bad that I didn’t hear him, I didn’t get to see him, didn’t get to give him a hug. 🙁 

Race Day: 

Race day was a blast. Parking was such a breeze, who doesn’t love stress free parking? We got to hang out, check out the booths, talk to friends, and eat hot dogs from one of the food trucks that were there. I do wish the concession stands were open. There would have been nothing better after a run than a Dodger Dog and a Coke-a-Cola. It still sounds good. 

The course was fantastic, I sure did get my hill workout in for the day. I was so proud of my little man. That first hill is killer, as anyone who ran LA Marathon knows that hill going up toward the Sunset Gate. I paced him to run the entire 5k with very little tops. When we got to the first water stop, he was excited for water, but more excited to see Matt Luke, and Dennis Powell there handing out water and cheering us on. He pushed himself hard to do it too, I slowed down my pace when he needed, and walked when he needed. I wanted both of us to start building up endurance. 

I gave him a little tough love, just to prove to him that he can do it if he stepped out of his comfort zone and just went for it. He went for it alright, and we both sprinted to the finish line, crossing at exactly the same time. We both had a finish time of 39:52 which is a PR for my little man. He was so happy and excited that he got a high five and a good job from Matt Luke. I was so proud of him, and he was so proud of himself. I showed him that when he pushes himself he runs a full 5k, 15 minutes faster. Now he’s talking about training more with me, to get faster and stronger. 


Water Stop with Dodger Matt Luke

Nothing beats a cool down lap on the warning track. Ben had never been to a major league baseball stadium before, so he was so excited to be inside the stadium. We walked slow so he could take it all in, I wanted to take it all in too.

I didn’t care about my time, I just love running with my son. Plus, this run was my come back run after surgery and recovering from surgery. It felt so good to get out there, and run. It was incredible to look at the runners in front of us, behind us, and see nothing but Dodger shirts everywhere. It truly was an amazing sight, and the Dodgers Foundation made this race fun for the entire family.

The shirt and medal are amazing. I love the medal, the shirt is great too. I loved this years color. My son said he wants to do this race again next year. We are now officially regulars to this race. We can’t wait till next year. 

Coming Up: 


Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

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