Run Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

This race marks my two year runniversary, this race is a yearly must for me. This race holds so much value for me, it swept me off my feet and stole my heart. My sprained knee is feeling so much better, however, I still do run slow and with a limp. Even though I’m not one hundred percent, I wasn’t about to miss out on the fun.


Run Hard Rock Cafe Course

I registered for the 5k this year, because I just need a break from long distances, and this is my favorite 5k. Its super fast, and fun.

Its always a blast to hang out in front of the Hard Rock; Hollywood Blvd is shut down and there is hardly anybody out on the street. To see Hollywood Blvd shut down is always an incredible sight, it never gets old. I always take this opportunity to look at the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, enjoy the sunrise, and just hanging out with friends.

There is good music playing, and the race starts. We all start out heading eastbound on Hollywood Blvd. I decided to alternate between walking and lightly jogging. I put on my earbuds, turned on my music, and before I knew it I was at the 101 freeway. I was headed toward the 5k turn around. As I was on my return trip back, I saw Sarah, I gave her a high five, asked her how she was feeling and told her I’d be waiting for her at the beer garden.

I saw the finish line and decided I was going to jog all the way to the finish. I saw a mana and a woman walking toward me. They had already finished, and I heard them cheering and encouraging me. That made my heart sing, put a smile on my face, and I kept going. I crossed the finish line, with nothing but a huge smile on my face. That 5k felt great! I felt satisfied and my heart was full.

My splits were not bad at all, they were a hell of a lot better than at the Rock n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon. I finished the 5k in 43:34 with a 14:00 min pace. My splits were all negative splits through out the entire 5k (mile 1 @ 14:48; mile 2 @ 14:08; mile 3 @ 13:16; mile 0.1 @ 12:18). I’ve never had a race with nothing but negative splits. Damn, that was so fantastic to see.

The participant shirt, I absolutely love it. Its a t-shirt instead of the usual tech shirts. Its soft, comfortable, and I’m in love with it. The medals are always amazing; the Hard Rock race medals are some of my most favorite medals.

After the run, I met up with Sarah for beers and breakfast at the Hard Rock. There is nothing better than a good run, good friends, and good food. This year is my third consecutive Run Hard Rock Cafe, and it is always such a blast. Last year the Run Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood had their inaugural 10k event (which I ran the 10k last year), I wonder if a half marathon is in the works. I can’t wait till next year’s Run Hard Rock 5k.


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