Rock n’ Roll Los Angeles 

I’m so excited to be doing this race for the second (2nd) year in a row. I didn’t set any goals for this race, because I had been recovering from surgery for the majority of the time and when I was able to go back to running, I had I had injured my right knee when I stepped off a curb wrong while I was leading blue squad for Rundalay. New course this year, which is one reason why I decided to do this race again. Its a Rock n Roll race, who wouldn’t want to do it?


RNR LA Course

People who know me know that I have never dressed up for Halloween, however, that never stops me from having a good time. I love to see other people’s costumes and that always makes me smile. Always.

Race Day: 

There is nothing like getting together with your friends before a race. Before the run the run clubs of Los Angeles met up for our yearly, ultimate, United LA group photo. Wendy also aggravated her knee, so we ran together. I told her we were going to take it easy, and that I was going to lead her to a PR. We would run a mile, then take a one minute walk break. We did great for the first 3.3 miles, after that my knee was starting to bother me a bit and her was as well. We decided we would just speed walk it, and then do a light jog.


We both hit Figueroa headed toward Wilshire Blvd, that hill is KILLER. I told Wendy we were not stopping until we reached the top of the hill. Right when we though we reached the top and made that left onto Wilshire, the hill continued. I had to stop just before the top of the hill because I felt something lightly pull at the back of my knee. I quickly realized that hills and a sprained knee doing get along too well. lol. I totally made the best of it.

Toward mile 10, I realized that I was starting to fight with myself. I was frustrated because of my injury, I know I could do better, and then I hear Wendy say she was going to put on her music. Thank God, because I needed music right then. I threw my headphones on and started listening to music. I say by the time I hit mile 13, I started to settle down and get lost in my music. I did a light jog all the way to the finish. I finished strong, and I didn’t aggravate my injury too much.

My knee was killing me, by the time I crossed that finish line. I limped all the way to my car. I was grateful that I parked at the Convention Center, and didn’t mind the fact that it cost twenty dollars to park. It was close to the finish and start lines, and I sure needed it.

I loved the course this year, so much better than last years. I hope that they keep this course for next year. I also loved the zombies on Wilshire and Figueroa. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes, I enjoyed seeing my friends on the course. It was a great time. I finished the race in 3:20:15 with a 15:00 min pace. That is super slow to me, but I have to keep reminding myself that I am injured. Best part of this day, Wendy PR’d; she finished in 03:21:50, she PR’d by 30 minutes. Excellent job Wendy! I’m so super proud of you.


Wearing my medal with pride

I was wanting to push myself faster and PR, but that’s ok. I enjoyed the course, and I enjoyed the course with Wendy. I had a blast, and thats all the matters. There’s always next time. My next half will be Rock n’ Roll San Antonio. Time to rest and heal.


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