Don’t Hate the Jealous Folks.. 

Sorry for the rant, but we all need to hear this. We are all athletes, and of course we can be competitive. How a person is competitive is completely up to them. We all have our individual goals, and things we want to accomplish. I believe that being positive and supportive in the community, and to an individuals goals is so important. When I first came to run groups and started running with them, I was happy to meet positive, like minded people. If I would have then what I know now….well, I shouldn’t say that. I’m very grateful for the people I had met, and the memories I now have. This does not mean that running with a run club is a bad thing, because its not. It is a very good thing, especially when you meet the right individuals.


There will come a time when you meet people who are negative,  you will see that jealousy does poke its ugly head in and reveals itself to you. Now, I could rant about what happened to me, but I’d rather take the high road and use this as an opportunity to pass on knowledge that I have. I want to teach you about jealousy from a physiology and spiritual level, who they truly are, and how to deal with it.

There were red flags that I refused to see; when people started leaving me behind at races, and not waiting for me at the finish. My ‘friends’ would go and celebrate all the while leaving me out of the fun. When people started telling me that they couldn’t run with me anymore, because my pace is faster than theirs. When they started telling me that they can no longer run with me, because I am stronger than them. When the weight started coming off, and continued to come off, how they just shot me dirty looks and would hardly acknowledge me. When I wouldn’t give into their drama, their lies, I just brushed it off. Those are just some of the red flags that I experienced recently.

As of recently, I had “friends” in the group I use to go out on runs with remove themselves from my life. This included deleting and blocking me from social media, and they did so without saying a word. Others did not do that, but in person, they give me the cold shoulder. Let analyze why this happened. For the friends who deleted and blocked me from all social media, did so out of purse jealousy. Morrissey said “We hate it when our friends become successful” and he is right. When you start to better yourself, your life, your athletic capabilities, jealousy will reveal its ugly head, and you will start to see it. Its nothing more than the fact that they see how hard I work, and its paying off. They don’t like that, especially when your start shines brighter than theirs. Do not let them get you down, you just keep moving forward, you keep training, and most importantly, you keep being you. Karma comes back around, three fold.

Now, the ones that keep you on social media, but give you the cold shoulder in person. It can be one of two things. 1) They are not jealous of you, however, they don’t want to lose the friend(s) who are jealous or 2) they are reporting back to the jealous friend(s) about you. Number 2 is the worst case scenario, and I have had it happen to me several times before, eventually, they end up stabbing you in the back. These are the people who keep at arms length, and by all means, you do not tell them anything. You never voice your opinions, your frustrations, you keep it all to yourself. You trust no one.

I honestly do not know why they are jealous of me, and honestly, I do not care. It is also out of their jealousy that they decided to taint the waters for me with my “RunFam”. It must have worked out well, because I also found out that a lot, and I mean, the majority of the women in my “RunFam” are also jealous of me. All I could do is laugh.

When you discover that people are jealous of you, thank them. I’m being serious, I thank people for showing me their jealousy. That tells me that all my hard work, and training is paying off. It tells me that I am doing it right, how successful I am, and how I continue to improve. I just want you to know, that I know you run the exact same route I ran a day prior, shows how much you want to be like me, and be where I have been. Folks, there is only one me. I am the original, however, I am flattered that you want to try and be like me. It shows just how much of an impact I have on your life. Thank you.

The thing with people who are jealous is that they will show off, try to “one up” you, and attempt to show you just how happy, better, and closer to certain people than you. Ignore them. Its nothing but show to try and get a rise out of you. Nothing more. What will you encounter? I can give you a few examples that I came across. Friends posting pictures with new friends, claiming to have a stronger bond with their new fond friends after they have dumped you. In the running community, if you run a marathon, they will try and run a marathon they feel is bigger than the one you are running. They are trying to do bigger things, to try and outshine you. Ignore them. Keep on being you.

Now, its time for some cold hard truth. Jealousy grows like bad weeds in people’s hearts; which keeps love, and positive attitudes from growing. Jealousy makes their hearts ugly, showing people their true attitude. People who have jealousy in their hearts cannot  find peace, and they will be tormented because their hearts suffer. Their star will never shine bright, jealousy makes the light darker with each passing day. How can you form a real relationship with anyone if your heart is filled with jealousy, and possibly envy?

Haters gonna hate, jealous people  are still your fans, only they are envoys of you. They follow you on social media, they read what you say, they do what you do. They want to be like you, they want their time in the spotlight, they want their star to shine. Personally, I feel my star shines bright because I’m me. I work hard, I train hard, I hit the gym hard, my diet is on point. I go after my goals, and I don’t ask ask my friends for permission. I just do it. The key is to ignore negative people, the less you respond to their childish antics, the more peaceful your life is. Trust me on this.

Jealous people have a lot of work to do within themselves. Jealousy is an attitude, their attitude, their outlook on life, their heart, how they view people’s success. If you want to be a better athlete, a stronger athlete, a wiser athlete, just remember that while you’re putting in the work, they are not. While you are eating right, hitting the gym, and doing what you need to do to not only reach your goals, but to smash your goals, they are not doing anything. Remember, their jealous and envious heart, their poor attitude, poor outlook on life, and their constant drama filled life, is what is holding them back. Its nothing you did. You’re so much better than them.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you are doing. If you’re running, weight loss, working toward your dream job, promotion, new car, people are always going to be jealous of you and the hard work you are putting in. Why do people get jealous? One simple answer, you are working toward accomplishing your goals. They have no goals, they will not put in the work required to reach any type of goal, they make up excuses to not put in the work, they stay with what works for them to get the attention they need. Drama, drama, drama.

There are a lot of people in the community of sports who are very positive, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. However, be aware that there are a few bad apples in the bunch. Don’t let those bad apples ruin anything for you.

Honestly, I know this blog entry might cause some stir with people, and personally, I truly don’t care. I keep it one hundred percent real.

Jealous people have a ton of work to do. What would I say to those who are jealous of me? I’d tell them “get to work b**ch”!

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