From L.A. to Paris: Week One

Aloha. As you know, I am running the Paris Marathon in April, I’ve had people approach me telling me that they cannot wait to read about my journey to Paris. My journey to Paris…..that got me thinking and I decided that I will be starting a blog entry that will talk about the entire week of training, and all my preparations for the trip. This short blog series is called From L.A. to Paris. Here we go, week one.

Saturday, January 14

With my left knee bothering me, I decided to hit the gym for the first time in a long time. I had neglected my strength training to focus more on running. That was a mistake that I will never make again. Neglecting my strength training only weakened my muscles, and it resulted in both of my knee’s being sprained. It was time to strengthen my right knee, which had just healed from the sprain, and also time to heal and strengthen my left knee which is currently sprained. I did a light leg day; standing calf raises with 180 lbs, angled leg press with 90 lbs, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, leg raises, 44 push-ups, ending it all with a good foam roll and stretch session.

Sunday, January 15th

Back in the gym today to focus on my quads, hamstrings,  some core work, and of course, 44 push-ups. I got challenged to do 22 push-ups for 22 days, I had missed about 3 to 4 days so I am making up for those days. I did todays 22 push-ups, leg curls, leg extensions, seated leg press,stretching and foam roll. It was a light day in the gym today.

Monday, January 16th

Today was a quick and light day in the gym today. My knee is still healing so I don’t want to push it and make it worse. Today I focused on abs, inner thigh, outer thigh, bridge, 22 push-ups, stretched and foam rolled. Knee is feeling better daily, which is good. It truly does feel good to get back in the gym again and focus on what I need to do

Tuesday, January 17th – Saturday, January 21st

Rest Days

Sunday, January 22nd 

The Inaugural Pasadena Half Marathon; a separate entry has been done for this fantastic event, once I have all the photos from the race I will be posting the race recap, please check back and read all about this inaugural event.  


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