Pasadena Half Marathon

I was looking to running this inaugural event; I am running in a new place, new adventures, new sights, and a new outlook on the City of Pasadena. I had never really been able to fully discover the City of Pasadena, so I was looking forward to the experience. This is a new race for the Conqur Endurance Group, so you know the medal is going to be rocking.

Packet Pickup 

It was held at the Pasadena Convention Center, and it was very well organized. Bib pickup and the participant shirt, oh I love that shirt. Conqur Endurance Group, you did a fabulous 1job on the shirt. The design is fabulous, I love it. The Expo was great. I always enjoy talking to the vendors, meeting new people, and talking to the ambassadors for races I’ve never heard of before. I wish I could run all the races, but I’ll run those races eventually. I hung out at the Run to Remember Los Angeles booth talking to friends, and of course, catching up on whats been going on. I have a special surprise that I learned while talking to Steve, the event organizer. Stay tuned for the details.

I had such a great time hanging out with the Students Run L.A. team. It was so great to talk to people whom I talked with in email, to shake their hand, and to catch up. I fundraised for them last year in part of my participation in last years L.A. Marathon, ran the marathon for Students Run L.A., and I will be doing it again this year, only, I’ll be fundraising the entire year. It is such an honor to support such a strong, positive organization. Thank you Students Run L.A. for my visor, I will wear it with tremendous pride.


Race Day

The news reported that there was a major storm that would hit Los Angeles at 1am Sunday morning. They also reported that this storm was suppose to be more powerful than the last two previous storms, and that it would be extremely cold and we’d see about 1.5 inches an hour. I left my house early because I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get there, and park because of the weather. I had also bought an umbrella at the Dollar Store so I wouldn’t get soaking wet waiting at the start line for the race to start.

I arrived early, got my usual awesome parking space right up in the front. I sat in my car, and I eventually feel asleep. I woke up at 6:15am, my friend Amy was calling me. She had just dropped her stuff off at gear check, and she was walking to my car. I finished getting ready, used the restroom, and we took some before the race pictures.

The start line was at The Rose Bowl, it was 43 degrees outside and it had been raining on and off. The race started 30 minutes late, because we were waiting for approval from the City and the Pasadena Police Department to start. Once the approval came through we were off. The half marathon went out in waves, and Conqur Endurance Group didn’t keep us waiting long between waves. They really wanted to get us out on the course.

The course was hilly, I was thinking how did Conqur Endurance Group know that I wanted to get back to running hills? I loved seeing the Pasadena Pacers out on the course, all smiles, cheering, encouraging, and even helping at the hydration stations. They were running up and down the street cheering us runners on. It was so great to see the Pasadena Pacers come out and support us. They are a wonderful run group. One of the Pasadena Pacers, she kept saying how she loved my smile and to keep on smiling. I was all smiles all the way. I love the Pasadena Pacers, wonderful group of people.

The course was challenging, but we did see some awesome sights on the route. We saw the Tournament of Roses House, Cal Tech, and while running down W. Colorado Blvd; I saw a lot of old buildings. I love the architecture from the 1800s


Big Bang Theory Way

and early 1900s, and I love history. Those buildings hold a lot of history, and I was in love looking at all of that on my run. During the run Jo was right on my heels for the first 7 miles. She had a sore knee herself, so whenever we saw each other, we gave each other a thumbs up to show that we are ok. It was our way of checking on each other during the run. It kept my heart full of positive vibes.


It was raining, it was freezing cold, and I am still nursing a sprained knee. When I hit mile 10 and saw my time was 2:21:01 I was excited. I can’t believe I did 10 miles in that amount of time, in the rain with a sprained knee. Also, I had come off from running across the Colorado Street Bridge. That was an experience that I will never forget. It was my favorite part of the race. I could see the Rose Bowl just on the other side. I was thinking there is my finish line, lets go.

When I got to mile 10.5 my legs started to bother me, and I couldn’t run anymore. I walked a bit, and when I saw the mile 11 marker, I did my best to jog. I jogged a little bit, but my legs were not having it. My lower back was starting to hurt badly. At mile 11.6 the rain came down hard, it was coming down badly.

My legs were not cooperating and I was getting angry with my legs. I focused on the finish line, and I just went for it, all heart. When I made that right turn, I was lightly jogging through the tunnel, and when I emerged on the field of the Rose Bowl, I ran toward that finish line. My entire body was shaking, my teeth were chattering, but I still all smiles and I gave the cameras two thumbs up.

It was so cold outside that when I received my medal, there was condensation on it and it felt like ice. I proudly put that medal on, and took selfies as best as I could. My hands were shaking I was freezing. I grabbed a thermal blanket and headed to my car. I tried to text Amy, who ran the 5k event, but my hands were so cold, that the touch ID on my phone didn’t recognize my fingerprints. I came out from the tunnel and I saw her standing there waiting for me. I was so happy to see my best friend. I told her I couldn’t unlock my phone to text her because my hands were so cold. We both started laughing. We grabbed a Muscle Milk, took our finisher pictures with our medals. I turned around to ask the person behind us if he or she wouldn’t mind taking our picture, and I was surprised to see it was my friend Sarah. I hugged her, congratulated her on her finish.

After hanging out with Sarah for a bit, I had to get in my car, I couldn’t stand any longer. Amy and I were off to Denny’s for breakfast and a hot cup of coffee. It was a challengingly course with all the hills, the rain, the wind, and the cold were no joke. It took me until Monday night to warm up. That finish on the 50 yard line at the Rose Bowl was incredible and all worth it. I’m proud to say that I am a Legacy Runner for this race.

I received an email from Conqur Endurance Group apologizing for the delayed start, and we also got our results. I finished in 3:09:17 which is 8 minutes faster than when I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio half under the same conditions. I’m extremely proud of myself, especially when my body wanted to give up. I’d love to run this again, only not when its raining. This race was the second out of three races toward my Conqur LA Challenge; Amy is working on the Triple 5k Tour. One race left to go for both of us.


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