From L.A. to Paris: Week Three

Monday, January 30th:

Rest Day

Tuesday, January 31st:

Rest Day

Wednesday, February 1st:

Rest Day 

Thursday, February 2nd: 

I slept in this morning, until 8:30am. I got up and hit Runyon for hills.  I knee bothered me during my warm up walk, but I had started to jog up the first hill and once I got to the top it felt fine. I was amazed, I had never been able to jog up that hill before.

I begin the long trek up the “spine” of Runyon. It’s the steepest in the canyon, it gives me a workout and challenge. I felt like it was my first day at Runyon, and my first day of hill training. I walked up the hills, stopped at the top for a break, before jogging down the hills.

I got in 2.5 miles and it felt great to get back to training at Runyon.

Friday, February 3rd:

Due to very heavy traffic, by the time I got close to home I realized I wouldn’t be able to make it to the gym and get a workout in before having to pick up my son form school. I’ll hit the gym tomorrow.


Saturday, February 4th:

43 days left to go until L.A. Marathon and it’s time to start doing my back to back 12’s. Last year I did them in Griffith Park. I decided to do something different this year, so I decided to divide up the LA Marathon course and do my back to back 12’s while training on the LAM route. img_4992

Today, I wanted to do the first six miles of the marathon route; starting at Dodger Stadium, running to Echo Park, and then back to Dodger Stadium the same route for a total of 12 miles.

That didn’t happen today. The high humidity got to me, I had a horrible headache, and I was only able to do the first four miles of the route, then I went back to my car for a total of 5.6 miles.
We all have our good days, and our bad days, even in training. The important was that I got out there and got some training, and miles in. Tomorrow is a new whole day.

Sunday, February 5th:

My allergies are in full force today, which explains yesterday’s horrible headache and scratchy throat, but that doesn’t matter because today is endurance Sunday. I set out to run 1.5 miles without stopping – then walk back. That was the goal for today, building my endurance back up after taking 7 months off to recovery from two (2) surgeries and an injury.

I started at Echo Park (Mile 6 of the LA Marathon), and I ran 1.5 miles of the marathon route without stopping. i am so very proud of myself. I can feel my endurance coming back, and I am loving it.

No gym this week, I was exhausted. Getting back to training is not an easy task, but next week is a new week. I’ll for sure be hitting the gym next week and doing my training runs. This week I got in 11.8 miles total, I want to get in more miles next week.

I know that I am training for the L.A. Marathon right now, but I am also training for the Marathon de Paris at the same time. I can’t wait to be running on the streets of Paris.

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