2017 Run to Remember Los Angeles

I ran the inaugural race, and this year I’m running this race again. I love this race, and it is on my yearly schedule. As a legacy runner, and a member of the community I know how important it is to honor those who gave their lives to protect those who needed it. This year I wore my shirt in memory of my friend, Officer Ryan Bonaminio, who was killed in the line of duty on November 7, 2010.

Well, this race did not go exactly as planned. I registered for the half marathon hoping to get a course PR. I’ll get into that in a little bit, but for right now, I would love to talk about the expo. It was held at Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center for the Los Angeles Fire Department. I loved the location, the vendors were awesome, especially when a couple of your friends are the vendors.


As I mentioned earlier, the day didn’t go exactly according to plan. The morning was great, I felt great. It was cold, but I felt great. I saw friends that I was excited and happy to see, I was all smiles and positive. The race started, and I decided to walk for a little bit before running. My mental game was on point, however, physically was another story. The first two miles were the worst to get through, and I was really struggling. I remember Jackie telling me that the first three miles were difficult to get through, after that its all down hill.

I got to mile 2.9, and I waited for Amy. I ran into Jo and her cousin. I had made the decision at that point to drop down to a 10k. My left knee, was not agreeing with the course well, it was giving me pain, and I even couldn’t physically handle the course. I starting walking at mile 2.9, when I was walking, my left was hurting badly.

My knee, hamstrings, and glute muscles were hurting bad. When I reached mile 6, I started to jog all the way to the finish line. I was walking around the finish line area for a bit, before heading up to my car to change my shirt, socks, shoes.

I felt so beat up physically, I felt like I had just finish my first half marathon. It was horrible. I can’t believe how weak I currently am. I really need to hit the gym harder, 35 more days until LA Marathon. I heard a lot can happen in that time, lets see what happens.


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