7 Weeks off…

When I got back from Paris, I jumped on the InBody scale. I discovered I had lost 3 pounds, one percent (1%) body fat, and I had maintained my muscle. That gave me the confidence, inspiration, and the motivation I needed to get back on track. While I was recovering from Paris Marathon, and from the traveling I did, I made the decision to take time off from training for next years LA Marathon to focus on losing body fat, getting stronger and to recover from an injury. It is important that I recover properly and fully.

Today, I weighed-in and joined a challenge at my local Nutrishop store. I know I will be held accountable, and I’ll be keeping myself on track. Currently, my body fat is at 29.9% and 81.6 pounds of muscle. These results are one week after my weight in when I came back from Paris.

The goal is for my body fat to go down and my muscle mass to go up. I will be running, however, I will be running shorter distances during the week. I also need to get myself back into running shape as well. Now, onto my short term goals.

Results from weigh in with the InBody scale

My short term goals (where I want to be at next weigh in): to have my body fat at around 27% and my muscle mass to be around 83.6. Next weigh in is May 3rd, and this is the start of a 7 week challenge. I’ll be posting the results, so stay tuned.

It is time to start tightening the reins and starting hitting those goals hard.

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