Inside My Gym Bag….

Between two jobs, school, and being a mom, I carry my gym bag with me five (5) days a week. My day starts when I wake up at 2am to get ready for my day and to start my shift at work. I have to carry what I need for runs, gym workouts, and to get me through my day. I pack my gym bag the night before to ensure I don’t forget anything, even though my bag is already 99% packed, I do need to pack my clothes for the day. Are you ready to see the essentials I carry??

Combination Lock: A necessity at the gym, you have to have a way to lock up your valuables.

Shower Bag: I pack a small, handheld bag, it has plastic zipper pockets and goes in the shower. I have a bar of soap, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, and face wash. After all, I can’t go back to work (or class) smelling horrible.

Personal Washcloths (Towelettes): I love these, and use them at the end of my run to wash my face, back of my neck, arms, and legs. I use it to wash off the sunscreen, salt, etc. I also use these to remove my makeup before I work out. There is nothing more disgusting than having sweaty makeup while you’re working out. These also works great in a pinch when I don’t have time to jump in the shower. These are a life saver, and are a must in everyone’s gym bag.

Rubber Flip Flops: I always wear rubber flip flops in the shower, especially because I shower at the gym. I’m not getting athlete’s foot, foot fungus, etc. Take care of your feet, take care of your health.

Bluetooth Headphones: I usually carry two pairs, I carry one pair of JLab Audio Epic2 and a pair of Beats by Dre. I use my JLab Audio Epic2 the most, especially out on runs. However, there are times that the gym is playing their music very very loud and I can hear it through my Epic2. Thats where Beats by Dre comes in; it blocks out the gym music, allowing me to get my workout done.

Run Kit: I carry a small bag that has all my run gear in it. It contains my waist belt to hold my car keys, iPhone, and iPod. It also has my Orange Mud handheld water bottle, Zensah knee brace, and Zensah calf compression sleeves (very important because I’m recovering from a sprained knee which is affecting my calf). Compression socks from 2XU, Salt pills (for long runs), KT Tape, and Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen. These are things I always bring for training, race day is a lot more.

Shoes: I pack at least two (2) pairs of shoes, this is in addition to the shoes I’m already wearing when I walk out the door for work. One (1) pair is my running shoes, and the other pair is for the gym. I must admit that each pair of shoes are in their own shoe bag, which I use a D link to attach to my gym bag. I also have a pair of socks in each pair of shoes.

Weights: Yes, I carry a pair of weights from Gold’s Gym that are ankle weights and are also wrist weights. I strap these to my ankles while I hit the stairs, and I also strap them to my wrists and go for a run. I use these in the gym for workouts, shoulders, abs, legs, and arms. These are fabulous, and an every day carry in my gym bag.

Hand Towels: I always bring three (3) hand towels. One is what I call my sunscreen towel, which I use this towel for my hands after applying sunscreen. One is for the gym, and one (1) is for after my runs.

Clothes: Can you believe in addition to all that I carry, I also carry two (2) to three (3) changes of clothes? I do, and it all fits neatly in my gym bag. One (1) pair is my run/gym clothes, one (1) pair is just jeans and a shirt for class, running errands, etc. Last pair is my work clothes (if I have to go back to work). I always carry three pairs of under garments, including socks.

Wow. I never realized how much I pack until I wrote it all down for this entry. Yes, I pack a lot, however, I do have long days (starting at 2am, and sometimes ending at 11pm). I do need to get my training runs, and workouts in during the day. Exercising during the day helps to alleviate daily stress, life stress, and I always feel better afterward. Now, I’m wondering whats in your gym bag? Please, let me know by commenting below.

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