Introducing Road to LA Marathon 

image by Franco Imaging

During the LA Marathon and the Paris Marathon it became clear to me that I have a very shaky foundation now. I had lost a lot of training, strength and running, due to a sprained knee. Even though I was fully recovered and walking perfectly fine the next day from both marathons, I made the decision to start with a clean slate.

I dedicated the first four months (in April, after I returned home from France) to building that foundation. I also used the seven (7) week Nutrishop challenge to keep me on track, and I went back to training how I did when I first started running. I went back to hitting the gym hard, sixty (60) to ninety (90) minute gym sessions hitting weights. I even started started with one (1) mile runs, and increasing my miles after a week to two weeks, depending on how if I feel I need more time with the distance or to move forward, increasing it.

As I started this mini blog series, and as I write this entry,  I had my Zensah compression knee brace on and my knee was elevated. I called, made an appointment to see my doctor about my knee, as well as pain in my upper calf near the back of my knee. It’s time to go back into recovery, and let my body heal. In my posts I will be discussing this injury, everything from recovery, to PT. My left knee is still bothering me, but only slightly. I also had to take time off to let my body get rid of the dairy, that I can no longer digest. Ever since returning from Paris, my body hasn’t been taking well to dairy, so like my son, I am lactose intolerant.

I decided that this series will be an entry I make for the entire month. Since it will be a monthly post, I will not be posting my workouts, and runs to Instagram. I feel it may spoil the entry if I do, however, I will be posting little pieces on my IG. I can’t leave you completely in the dark.

You came with me from L.A. to Paris, you were with me in Paris, during the Paris Marathon, and you were with me on my seven (7) week challenge to lose body fat, gain strength back, and build my running foundation. I would love for you to come with me on my journey as I train for my third (3) consecutive Los Angeles Marathon.

First entry will be posted on June 1st, and I will be talking about everything that happened in the last few weeks of May. 

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