Final Weigh-In

Its here, the final weigh-in. Its the mark of ending the seven (7) week challenge. It was a challenge, but I was constantly learning, and making the necessary adjustments. Even though I’ve been lifting weights since 2013, there were key components that no one has ever shared with me. It’s something I had to do a ton of research on. 

I had to research how to eat. It’s not a diet, it’s how to eat in order to reach your desired body composition. People can tell me that diet is important until they are blue in the face. It doesn’t help until someone actually explains every single detail to you. 

Going back to way before this challenge even started, no one took the opportunity to do that with me. I’ve been told by people they’d help get a nutrition plan together and go over it with me. That never happened, and you can only ask so much until  you give up. I had given up. 

I am unsure when it hit me, but in a way I got pissed off. Not in a way of blaming people, I blame no one. I got pissed at the fact that promises were broken, help they claim to provide was never provided. It was for others, but I was constantly left out. 

It quickly became obvious that I can rely on no one but myself for help. This was a journey I had to go on alone. I have to do my own research, figure out the details of my own nutrition plan, and my own exercise schedule (running, and strength training). 

I started making my plan, a plan to follow, a test plan. I would test this plan for two weeks, then get on the InBody Scale and see the results, and make adjustments where needed. 

The goal is to get everything lined up before setting body composition goals. 

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