A Special Project

I had been running in races for two years now, my first race was the second annual Run Hard Rock Cafe 5k in November 2014. I had all of these race shirts that were either too big for me, or I didn’t like the way the shirt fit me. I didn’t have the heart to throw them out, so I asked my mom if she could make a quilt out of these shirts for me. She happily decided to take on the project on the condition that I pick out all the fabric involved, and told her what part or parts of the shirts I wanted to keep. I agreed.

First step was cutting the shirts. There was a lot of components on a few of the shirts that I wanted to keep, and how I wanted it cut. As some of you know, the 2016 New Year’s Race shirts had the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles at the bottom of the shirt. I wanted that kept, as well as the “Live Run Celebrate” that was also on the back. The 2015 Long Beach Half Marathon shirt has the white palm trees, along with “Run Long Beach” and the date of the half marathon. The logo’s on the sleeves of the shirts did matter as well, I had a plan for those. After the shirts were cut, ironed and stabilized, we moved on the next step….fabric.

Instead of sewing the shirts together, my mom had the idea to put a border around each shirt, and then sew them together by the borders. I was going through tons of fabric, holding it up to each individual shirt to see if it would go with the shirt. Once all the fabric was picked out, I had to arrange it all together, then my mom sewed it all together. I know that I was asking a lot from my mom because this was the first quilt she did that had no pattern to follow, that was my design, and the shirts didn’t fit together perfectly. My mom has a perfectionist personality, where everything has to be perfect. Me, I’m the complete opposite. I like the flaws, it just adds to the uniqueness.

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This quilt is huge, I have to take it to the laundry mate to wash it. My washer and dryer at home cannot handle the size. This is the third quilt my mom has made for me, and this is by far my favorite. It took her about 6 months to make this for me, and it came out beautiful.. I had to lay out on another blanket out in my garage so I can get pictures of it fully laid out. Each t-shirt tells a story of a race, an adventure, most importantly, my memories. Even the back is from my favorite video game growing up, Super Mario Brothers. I still love that video game so much. My mom said she will never make me another one again, but lets see if I can talk her into it *winks*

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