Road to LA Marathon: June

Summer is here, which means heat training and lots of it. Time to get cracking on marathon training, while continuing to hit the gym, and continuing to get back on track. Alright, here we go.

Week One: 6/1 – 6/10

Thursday 6/1: Hello June, I have a positive outlook that this month will be a good month. Today I hit the gym for an ab and hip workout. I had an entire workout planned, and had to abort 30 minutes in. I was able to get in hip training using Bosu Balance Trainer, and ab work using a balance ball. I hadn’t eaten sine breakfast (big mistake), and I was a starting to get wicked cramps (from newly placed IUD). I shouldn’t be complaining, 30 minutes is better than nothing. Lesson learned, and I’m bringing food with me from now on.

Friday 6/2: I’ve been having major back pain and cramps today, the worst its been since I received the IUD. I had to take a pain releaver it was so bad. No gym, no running. I stayed home and rested.

Saturday 6/3 & Sunday 6/4: Rest Days this weekend, and to figure out a new schedule that works with my work schedules.

Monday 6/5: Hello Monday, time to hit a run on the marathon course. I decided I was going to run the first four (4) miles of the course, then a nice cool down jog/walk (1.6 mile) to the car. I did this route previous to LA Marathon and my time was 49:35 (with a sinus migraine), I have a time to beat, time to get to work.

I brought snacks, and lunch with me today. I ate strawberries and grapes for a snack while headed out to the run. During the run there is three (3) blocks of nothing but uphill fun. I had to get good at jogging/running up this hill, while not using up a lot of energy, and having fatigued muscles.

The run was going great. I started at Dodger Stadium, and I was running down Sunset Blvd toward Chinatown. My running form was on point, my hands were not crossing my arms, I wasn’t slouching, and my goal marathon pace was also on point. I wasn’t feeling fatigued, wasn’t feeling out of breath. I was on Cloud 9, I was on a runner’s high. Then I hit mile 0.72 when all of a sudden I found myself down on the ground, my left arm was fully extended (keep in mind that my handheld Orange Mud hydration bottle is on my left hand), I remember my head hitting my left arm (Thank God! Better my arm than the sidewalk), I was sliding down the sidewalk, and I was in extreme pain.


No one was around, so I tried to get up and I couldn’t. On my second attempt I finally got up on my feet and moved to a shady spot close by. My left arm, the area of my bicep and the outside of the arm, was hurting and not in a good way. I coudn’t grip anything, couldn’t hold my iPod, and it excruciating to move (I have a high tolerance for pain, so this says a lot). I stood there for a while, and the pain wasn’t going away. I ended the run and walked back to the car. Once I got to the car, I couldn’t even change out of my running shoes. It hurts so bad. I drove half way home with my arm acting like it was in a sling. Half way home I tried using my left arm, and after a little way I was able to grip the steering wheel and drive without my bicep hurting. Improvement, I like it.

My shoulder didn’t hurt, I could move my shoulder fine with no pain, so I didn’t feel the need to go to the emergency room (ER). I was trying all day to lift my left arm up to help work it out. It was painful, however, not as bad as earlier. I have two bad scraps on my left elbow, and bruises on my left abdamon, near my left hip, and on my left side. I’m surprised I didn’t injury my hip because I feel on it first. I’m also so grateful that my head hit my arm, and not the sidewalk. It could have been a lot worse. I was upset because I was on a nice runner’s high, everything was on point, then BAM!

I stayed home and was trying to work the soreness and pain out of my arm. I rested my arm, iced it, elevated it, and massaged it. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll try this route again on Thursday.

Tuesday 6/6: Hello Tuesday. After yesterday’s fall, my arm was hurting but the pain had subsided dramatically. I was getting some range of motion back. I had a personal trainer I know take a look at my arm, itt is swollen, and I did bruise the muscle that’s in between the bicep, and tricep. I went home after work. I rested my arm, Epsom salt (I have unseen red Epsom Lotion that has natural Epsom salt), and ice to help with swelling and healing.


My meal prep yesterday and today are on point. I’m making sure I eat three (3) meals and snacks. I have to fuel my body and keep the gas tank as full as possible. I have found that this seriously helps me through out the day, and my body feels so much better, which I’ve noticed in my gym workouts, and running.

Thursday 6/8: So, this not so happy bruise appeared on my bicep this morning. I was hoping on hitting the gym for leg day today, but when my friend looked at it, he said it wasn’t a good idea even on the selector size machines. He said home, rest and ice. When a personal trainer gives advice on injuries, you listen. It was home for rest and ice. Meal prep was on point, eating was great all week this week.


Meal Prep: This week’s meal prep included blackened taliapa, caliuflower mash, stuffed salmon, strawberries & grapes, pineapples & grapes, raisins & almonds, apples, pieta bread, salad with cherry tomatoes also with a little bit of Italian dressing.

Week Two: 6/11 – 6/17

Monday 6/12: After a week of resting, icing, and working my arm, I decided it was time to try the run I had planned last week. My bicep was still bruised, still sore, but it was time to ease back into training. I started at about mile one (1) of the marathon route, and I ran to mile three (3) of the route, which was Los Angeles City Hall. It was a 2.2 mile at a comfortable 11:07 min mile pace.

According to my Garmin, the TE was 4.1 (Highly Improving Aerobic Fitness). I love seeing that. My best running pace was a 9:02 min pace at some point during my run. I’m pretty sure that I can beat 24:02 minutes for that run. All in good time. I also had a 1.6 mile cool down jog from City Hall back to my car. That walk had a TE of 3.3 (Improving Aerobic Fitness). It was hot, so I also got in some heat training.

Thursday 6/15: I had to do a quick run, and a quick workout today. I had planned a two (2) mile run, and it was interrupted when an unclaimed backpack was sitting with no owner. Apparently, a lot of people were calling it in to the police. Not knowing I didn’t it was wise to run by it, so after calling the police I went back to my car and went home. There’s always tomorrow.

Friday 6/16: Meeting at work, which means a run after work. I wanted to run some place new, so I decided to head to Culver City Park. I found a wooden bridge that climbs up the hill. All I wanted was to run in complete isolation. After the meeting at work, I just wanted to be in complete isolation. Going up and down the bridge, wasn’t even one (1) mile. I wasn’t feeling this run, isolation was all I longed for, I found a rainbow and I couldn’t stop staring.

Meal Prep: This week’s meal prep included seared Ahi Tuna, salmon, taliapa, salad with cherry tomatoes with a tiny bit of Italian dressing, chicken with brown rice and black beans. For snacks I had grapes, macadamia nuts, and apples.

Week Three: 6/18 – 6/24

My arm had been badly swollen and in severe pain since Sunday. No training, no running. Nothing but rest, ice, and Tiger Balm Muscle Rub.

Saturday 6/24: Very special thanks goes out to my running sistah Yaya. She paid for my ticket to go to the Dodger game with the Rundalay family. I had never been to a baseball game before, I was over the moon that she paid for me to go. She filled my heart with love. I had a blast, I enjoyed my first baseball game, and I had my first Dodger Dog.

Week Four: 6/25 – 6/30 

Wednesday 6/28: It looks like summer is officially here, as it has been hot, hot, hot. Working in the heat make me so exhausted. I had to rearrange my workout and run schedule to accommodate that. So, it was running and working out on my days off. Today is day one of the new training schedule, and I could think of no better way than to start out with a run. No distance, no time, just a run in the moment.

My lungs were on fire and I pushed myself to finish the mile. This is my fastest mile running in the heat. I’ll take it. I was so exhausted afterward, I took a nap. 

Friday 6/30: This is it, June is officially in the books. My arm and shoulder have been hurting so bad today. Stretching to grab tickets for parking structures while running errands….ouch! Ice and rest today. 

Reflection: This month, I continued to prove myself wrong again, and again. This month I meal prepped, made sure I ate (including snacks) according, made sure my protein was up, and I made sure that the fat and carb intake was from fruits and vegetables. I didn’t skip a beat and didn’t go off the rails. My eating was on point this month, and even though I missed a full week, I still felt that I trained pretty strong.

I was also focusing on my running form, that was something I’ve been trying to work on since last year. This year, I discovered simple tips that help. I was putting those tips into play on the run, which I fell, bruising a muscle in my left arm. I had to make major adjustments the week of my son’s graduation, and I had to move a lot of stuff around, but I made it work.

I know I will recover from my injury, and it is a matter of time before I am back not only in running shape. I’ll be stronger than I was before.



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