Rock It Out with JLab Audio

I have had the honor of owning not one, not two, but three pairs of headphones from JLab Audio. I would love to share with you just how terrific these earbuds truly are.

The first pair is a pair is unfortunately, is no longer available on their website. They are the Fit Sport Earbuds; they are sweat and waterproof. Perfect for running, gym, etc. I tried them out while I was in San img_4989Antonio running the Rock n Roll Remix Challenge. It was raining the entire weekend, and I didn’t worry about my headphones. The sound was still perfect, crisp, and clear. I didn’t even hear the rain, the wind, all I heard was my music. It was fantastic.

The earbuds themselves are so comfortable that I forget they are there. I had to check twice just to make sure I was still wearing them. There is an adjustable metal piece that wraps around the back of your ear to keep your earbuds in place.

My absolute favorite thing about these earbuds is that I no longer need to dig out my iPod to switch tracks. The built universal mic track control is what I’ve been asking for in earbuds. One click to pause, two clicks to skip to the next song, and three clicks to go to the previous song. Somehow, JLab heard my prayers, and made my dreams come true. Thank you JLab for the built in universal mic track control. Now if only there was a volume control somehow, I’d really be set. lol.

After running for two days in the rain with these earbuds, they still work perfectly like they did the first day. These are my go to earbuds when I’m headed out for a run, in the rain,or when its sunny. Its a love affair that will never die.

The second pair are the Epic Premium Earbuds, and these are absolutely amazing. I also took these with me to Texas. They come with a wonderful travel case, and a variety of gel tip cushions, and cush fins so that you can adjust them to find that perfect comfort. I must admit, I had fun trying out different gel tips and cush fin’s to find what was comfortable for me.

I used them on the plane to watch movies, and listen to music. I even use them at home to listen to my iPad while my son is watching TV, to listen to music when I’m on campus, and they are the best. The same perfect, crisp, clear, bass pounding sound I’ve come to love. I have even used these earbuds while out on runs. The fit is absolutely fantastic, and extremely comfortable.

These earbuds have the built in universal mic track control that I absolutely love. Another favorite thing I love about these is that the wires are flat, and they do not tangle up on me. As a single mom, the less I have to untangle the better. lol. They are also perfect on the airplane. I take them with me, plug them into the TV thats on the plane and comfortably watch movies. I’ve even fallen asleep while wearing them.

I am saving the best for last; the Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds. This is by far my absolute favorite pair of JLab Audio earbuds I own. I put this beauty to the test at the Run img_5265to Remember Los Angeles 10k, and they were such a dream. Pairing them with my iPhone was simple and quick.

The fit is perfect, the earbuds are so incredibly light that I forgot I had them in and I actually checked to make sure that I didn’t lose my earbuds, even though I can still hear my music. I couldn’t hear any of the noise from the street, all I can hear was my music. The universal mic, and track control is such a dream. It is incredibly easy to feel which is the up arrow and the down arrow. Hold the up arrow, down, for 2 seconds to skip to the next track, and vice versa for the down arrow.

Did I mention that there is no skipping when I run with them? Oh yeah, no skipping, just smooth music. I even took them with me to do stair training, and no skipping. None. It was absolutely fantastic. I had nothing but a big smile on my face. Oh, before I forget, let me talk about the long battery life. I received these earbuds in the mail on February 9th, and they came fully charged. As I write this review it is February 17th, and the battery is currently at medium. I have used them to listen to movies on my iPad, training runs, stair training. The battery lasts 12 hours, I used these earbuds while running the Los Angeles Marathon this year. They were amazing, and it was the one thing I didn’t have to worry about during the marathon. The battery lasted me through the entire marathon, and even the walk to my car. 


The range is amazing too. I can listen to movies, TV shows that are on my iPad, and I can still hear my shows in every part of my house, including the garage. These earbuds stole my heart. I see that JLab Audio has the Epic2 in one of my favorite colors, you know what that means? Oh yeah, I bought it. Epic2 in my happy teal color, makes me happy. The sound is clear, and crisp. I was watching Blue Bloods on my iPad, had my Epic2 in, and I can hear music, people talking in the background that I never heard before. Amazing sound.

They are super comfortable, light weight, i forget that I have them in when I’m running, at the gym, and even just listening to my iPad around the house. The wire does not pull at all on the earbuds, it sits perfectly on my neck, even when I move my head to look around me.

Thank you JLab Audio for creating the best earbuds, for answering my prayers for a track control on the build in mic, and for creating the best sound technology.

If you get the chance, go check out JLab’s award winning products on their website. I promise, it is worth it and you won’t regret it.


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