Introduction: My LA 

When I was in high school, my friends and I would ditch school just to bum around LA. What do I mean by bum around? Well, we’d just drive around and check out the shops, the sights, and so on. When I moved to LA in 2001, I started to venture out more by myself. I was going to places I wanted to go to, and I was also meeting myself for the first time. 

While I was at work one day someone was telling me about a bagel place that’s all organic and natural. When he was telling me the location, it brought me back to ditching high school. It was one of places my friends would frequently visit. 

While remensening in the memories  and thinking way back in the day, I got inspired to start this blog series. It also seems very fitting to share with you LA through my eyes. After all, I am from Hawai’i and now living in Los Angeles. 

I will discussing the places I’ve been, as well as places of the past. It’ll be vintage mixed with today. This will be a biweekly post, so you’ll get LA through my eyes twice a month. 

This my LA. 

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