Looking at the World from My Shell 

When I originally started my blog my intention was to just document the races I ran, what happened, and my experience. I wanted to run every single race in Los Angeles. When I first started this blog, I never thought I’d be writing about running marathons across the world. I never thought I’d share my training, and mos timportantly, I never thought I’d talk about myself. When I originally started this blog, it was just for me, like a journal. I feel very safe in my shell, and I don’t let people in. 

I always felt it could be better and I didn’t know what was missing. In a way, I still feel like something is missing with this blog. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m sure I’ll find what missing soon enough. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to grow this blog, and hopefully, I’ll grow myself; maybe even come out of my shell a little bit more. 

I’m still in awe in how far this blog has come. I went from having no title, to having a title. I went from having an address that was wordpress.hawaiianinla.com to having an official .com address. To keeping a personal electronic journal, to venturing out; making my blog public, discussing training, my races (the good, the bad, and the ugly), to even talking a little about myself. I went through so many revisions and redesigning this blog, In a way, this is starting to look more and more like it could be the beginning of a fitness blog. I will of course, talk a lot about running. I also workout at the gym, and that aides a lot with running. 

I am currently learning more and more about nutrition, particularly when it comes to being athletic. I need to fuel my body correctly before and after runs and gym workouts. That is important, so I’m seriously considering adding a section in the blog that talks about what I have learned about nutrition. I’m also considering talking about individual foods, i.e. Strawberries, asparagus, etc, talking about the nutrients they have, how that works to fuel your body. 

I did a test blog recently called The Benefits of Oatmeal. I think it did well, so I decided to write a review about Halo Top Ice Cream, and that did well as well. Not only am I thinking about writing about food, I’m also thinking of incorporating some of my recipes as well. I want this to be a well rounded, incorporating as much as I can, fitness blog. When I think of fitness i think of physical fitness, but I also think of eating because you have to fuel your body correctly. 

I also think about mental health. Mental health affects everyone, and when it affects us our daily routine is affected including our workouts, training runs, etc. 

I did a test blog post earlier this year about mental healthy mainly discussing jealously. It received huge responses from people who posted on their personal Facebook page about it. One person wrote that “no one cares who you run with” and blah blah blah. I stopped reading the post because that person completely missed the point. The point is to get rid of all negative influences in your life, and how the jealously of those around you can also affect you. Since a lot of people had personally messaged me to tell me how great that blog post was, I will be writing another post. I’m not sure exactly what it will be about, but it will deal with mental health. 

I recently got inspired to start another blog series, My LA. It’s only fitting since I am living in LA and my blog is called “Hawaiian in Los Angeles” I know that this blog series will go on for a long while, as there is always something to discover about LA. 

I also want to share with you what I do when I’m at the gym. I’m thinking that I will share those workouts in my monthly Road to LA Marathon for now. I also want to add other sports that I do, which means I have to train that much harder. Yes, I have more sports that I participate in outside of running. I can’t wait to share that with you, so keep your eyes pealed. Most importantly, I am starting to emerge from my shell. I feel that expanding this blog will allow me to do that, and give you a chance to know me as a person. Feel free to explore the categories (drop down menu on the right side) in my blog for easier access. 

I hope to insipire others through my personal experiences. If I can reach at least one person, and inspire them, motivate them to nkeep going forward, to never look back. My heart will be full for life. 

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