Road to LA Marathon: July

Goals for July: I want to direct my focus to working on my running form, and to shut my mind completely off. I really need to shut my off my brain, my thoughts, everything, just run in the moment, one moment at a time. Lets do this thing!

Week One: 7/1 – 7/9: 

Thursday 7/6: Hello July, I’m looking forward to another month of training. It’s time to get back to training, and I have modified my workouts to accommodate my left arm. It’s still healing, so I don’t want to push it.

After work, and an off-site meeting it was time for a run. I was planning on doing a slow and easy three (3) miles today, only I had to change my plans. I struggled to get through the first mile. I decided to turn around and head back, I ran for half a mile and decided that was it for the day. The heat was killer.

I walked the half mile back and when checking the weather I found an extreme heat advisory in effect. Uh oh. That explains everything. When I got back I took a salt pill, drank a ton of water, and had lunch (brown rice, black beans and chicken).

Monday 7/24: I ran a quick 0.4 mile to the Sheriff’s station during work. I ran at an 11:07 min pace, and saw myself pulling a 10:20min pace at some point during the run. Granted, I wasn’t running in my running shoes, but non the less, I did good. It felt great to run too.

Reflection: This month was all about resting, real, actual, resting. A friend of mine pointed out that I do not rest, and she’s right. After Paris, I went right back to training. I was finding it difficult to stick to training, and I didn’t want to do it. I decided that I would take an entire month off, and let my body rest. Other than these few short runs, I did just that. I went to work, came home and did nothing but rest. I’ll be back to training in August, with a new training schedule that includes rest days.


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