Product Review: Road ID for Garmin

I am excited to share with you this new product from Road ID, a wearable Road ID that slides onto the band of my Garmin Forerunner 235. I have a been a Road ID customer since 2014, I bought the wrist ID sport. I ran my very first race with it, and I loved it. I got so many compliments on it.

Recently I had purchased my Garmin Forerunner 235 and I instantly feel in love it. I wear it day and night, which presents a problem. I could no longer wear my Road ID. It was extremely uncomfortable to wear on the same wrist as my Garmin, and I get extremely annoyed wearing bracelets on the opposite wrist.

One day while I decided to go visit Road ID and see what new products they have. Then, there it was, Road ID for your wearables. I looked and found the one specifically for my Garmin. I ordered it, and it was on back order. I immediately thought of how popular it was and how everyone’s prayers were probably answered. I couldn’t wait for mine to arrive in the mail. When I received the email that it was shipped and shipped early, I was over the moon. I was watching the tracking on that package like a hawk.

I was so excited when it finally arrived. It came in an awesome tin box, and inside was the Road ID. It slipped onto the band of my Garmin with very little fuss. Its a little tight, it has to be but once you get it on the band its easy to move it up the band toward the watch face. I can’t even feel the plate, it is extremely comfortable and it is very noticeable; in a good way of course. We want first responders to see it so they can get all the info they need from it.

I don’t even realize that its on my Garmin until someone points it out to compliment it, and to ask me about it. I absolutely love it, and I feel great being able to wear my Road ID again. It gives me and my family piece of mind that if something were to happen to me and I’m unconscious, that first responders will know all the viable information about me that they need, including my blood type, and my emergency contact.

Thank you Road ID for coming up with the Road ID for our wearables. Visit Road ID click on “Build your Road ID, to find the perfect Road ID for you.


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