Road to LA Marathon: August

Thursday 8/3: August isn’t starting out like I hoped it would. Today, I was hoping to go out for a slow four (4) mile run after work. I had been sick since the last weekend in July, and yesterday I ended up going to the emergency room. The doctor gave me an off work order for two days and antibiotics. I was given the off work order because it is a very rare thing that I am on medication, its a rare thing that I am sick. The doctor wanted me home in case of an allergic reaction. All I did was sleep today, only waking up to eat and take my medication. Today, I also woke up with a horrible headache that was making me dizzy. I’ll be on the antibiotics for the next seven (7) days, with the way I’m feeling, looks Ike no working out, no runs. I have a serious dislike for being sick, and a serious dislike for being on medication. I just want to be 100% again, and be back to my normal routine.

Saturday 8/12: It feels good to be back. Today, I hit the gym and did an hour of training abs. When I got home from the gym, I was so dead tired I took a nap for a couple of hours. I’m feeling it in my abs big time. I’ve never been able to train abs for an hour. This was a first for me, and I’m so excited that I trained abs for an hour. It feels so good to be back to working out.

Tuesday 8/15: It felt so good to get back out there and run. My legs felt so stiff the entire time, a feeling of having to work my legs out. I got in two (2) slow miles in the heat. That heat killed me, but it didn’t kill me, it made me stronger.

Thursday 8/17: I did an easy one mile run after work.


Monday 8/21: Did a mile and a half run in the heat, followed by an half a mile cool down walk. I slowed my pace down so that I could run the entire mile and a half without stopping, and I didn’t stop.

Reflection: I have decided that even though I had plans to train hard, I have to remember that I had a sprained knee last year, I did loose a lot of run training, and strength training during that time. Even though I want to come back guns blazing, I need to stop, and easy my way back into it. Its time to change my training plan to accommodate that. I have seven (7) months until the Los Angeles Marathon, and I feel that is plenty of time to be ready.

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