Lexus Lace-Up Running Series Orange County

I was very excited about this running event. I hadn’t done a race since the Marathon de Paris. Honestly, I really hadn’t been training either. Back in October I had sprained my knee, and I had been running races on it; including half marathons and two marathons. I decided it was time to give it the proper rest it needed to recover. Ok, here we go.

First, I’d like to thank Eddie who is a Lace-Up Running Series Ambassador. He held a contest on his Instagram page for a free entry, and I won!! I was so blessed to win.

This event is extremely well organized, and race day bib pickup was so easy. The t-shirt is awesome and comfortable. There is a free food ticket, free beer ticket, and free Lexus water bottle ticket on the bib. I went and collected my free water bottle, and Lexus had a hydration station. Ice cold fruit infused water. I go immediately for the water with strawberries. I love strawberries. It was so refreshing. Thank you Lexus!!

During the run I saw a mom and her daughter, her daughter was wearing a Half fantastic shirt. I had to stop and give her a high five for being a half fanatic. Her mom was also a half fanatic.


I lived in Irvine for years, I was already pretty familiar with the route. The route was good, lots of hills, it was a quiet route. I loved it. It felt great running familiar places that I use to run. Towards the end the mom and her daughter (the. Half Fanatics), passed me so I decided to try and keep their pace as much as possible. The humidity was getting to me, physically, so by mile two (2) I felt like I was dying. Good news, I got in some heat training.

The food trucks were pretty awesome. I ate a pink truck that said they had the best burgers in L.A. I had the American Girl burger and it did not disappoint. It totally hit the spot. Their sauce was amazing and it was served on Kings Hawaiian Bread (which I love so very much). I stopped by the Lexus Hydration Station and filled up my handheld Orange Mud hydration bottle with strawberry infused water. I needed it after that run. I ran into some friends, and we all ate together. It was great to catch up, hang out and laugh.

Finishers Photo

All in all, it was a very good event. It is an event I will be recommending to others. Now I want to do the other three races in the series.

The next day, when I checked my results, I noticed that I placed 23rd in my age group, which is a very huge deal for me. In the beginning I was placing near the very bottom in my age category. I am starting to climb up that ladder, and who knows, I might be near the top of my age category soon. It is an amazing, and unbelievable to see that. I mean, wow. I’m very proud of myself.


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