Dealing with Negativity

Lately, I’ve been receiving quite a few negative comments on my Instagram and even on my blog. Those negative comments have included name calling, attempting to degrade me as a person, attempting to make me feel horrible about myself, and even attempting to discourage me from keeping this blog, and from running. These negative comments have inspired me to write this entry, and I hope it helps others who have been dealing or are currently dealing with the negativity of others.

I truly understand the difficulty in combating negative comments. Most of us are concerned what other people think of us, therefore when we receive a comment, we tend to take it seriously. In order to combat the negativity of others, it helps to understand why people dump their negativity onto others.

When people are negative toward you, remember that it is a reflection of themselves. They are unhappy with themselves, and they are unhappy in their life. They attack others, making other people feel insignificant so they can feel more significant.

While they are judging others, they are also judging themselves. Negative people are also insecure with who they are, and they are afraid.

All of the negative comments I have received have all been online. Yes, online. Here on my blog and on my Instagram. It’s much easier to say it using social media than it is to say it to my face. Those types of people are cowards, they are not worth anyone’s time. Keep in mind, these are people I have never met in real life, and these are people who are attempting to dump their “garbage” onto anyone.

Here are some helpful things that help me deal with the negativity of other people:

  1. Do not argue. It’s not worth it to fight them. Remember, they are insecure, they are unhappy in their life, and they feel insignificant. This also holds true for people who spill their hatred all over the internet.
  2. Turn your back to negativity and do a small gesture. That could mean holding the door open for someone, engaging in simple conversation with someone, even encouraging a stranger to keep pushing forward. Kindness goes a long way, it’s good for your soul, and it sets you up mentally into a positive frame of mind.
  3. Never lower yourself down to their level. It’s never worth it, plus don’t give them what they want.
  4. If an individual posts daily, close comments on your social media. This will prevent everyone from commenting on your posts.
  5. This is a last resort, and if you do not want to disable your comments section. The FBI has an online report filing where you can file a complaint against the individual who keeps harassing you with their comments. I have used this, and moved the obscene comments to my spam so the comments are still there. When people leave a comment on your social media they are leaving data that can be traced back to them. That is why I never delete the comments. Being called offensive names, and having comments that purposely embarrass you is considered cyber bullying. No one deserves that.

Negative comments should never, never be taken seriously. It’s not you, it’s them. You are so much better than them, especially when you take the high road. Never be afraid to file a report with law enforcement if you are being harassed online.

Personally, I’ve only gotten to number 5 once. I closed my comments option, and the person decided to send me private messages. That’s when it’s time to file a report.

I hope that this helps you to combat negative people, and not letting their garbage poison you.

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