To My Biggest Fans…

To all my haters,

Thank you for your comments and concerns over the past month. They have shown that you are my biggest fans, and that I am doing things right. It must be driving you absolutely crazy. I also understand why you are full of hate, why you criticize, and why you are attempting to bring me down.

I do not know what is going on in your life to make you feel so insecure about yourself, however, bringing me down will not fix anything. It is only a temporary band-aid that will soon fall off, and before you know it, you’re back to trying to bring me down. Why are you so jealous of me? Is it my success? Is it my accomplishments? Is it something much deeper? My confidence? My personality? How my hard work pays off in the end?

I think that you need to start looking inside yourself, and changing what you don’t like about yourself. I’m also going to suggest that you start working on your self esteem, your self confidence, and start learning to love yourself. This is all mental, changing how you look on the outside will not fix anything, as it is a temporary fix.

It is time for you to stop keeping people whom you feel are “weaker” as your “friends”, as this is not in any way a real friendship. In your eyes, you need this “weaker” person in your life as an attempt to boost your self esteem. My suggestion is to learn from everyone, especially those who are jealous of, and use it to build a positive soul that’s full of love, encouragement, confidence, and acceptance. It looks like you need the role models to show you how to change.

Its also time for you to think about your role in the running community. If you are being critical, hateful, negative, and attempting to degrade one person, how can you be a positive, encouraging person in the running community? How can you be an ambassador to an organization and/or company that is all about encouraging, supporting, and bringing positive role models into the lives of others; while being hateful to others? Think about why that company and/or organization would want someone like that representing them?

These are things to think about when you leave your hateful comments on a person’s Instagram account, their blog, their FaceBook page, and even when you talk to other runner’s at a race. Another thing to think about, people can actually see through you. They can see just how fake you are, and how much hate you have in your heart. No one wants to be around a person like that. Think about it like this, when you see a snake when you’re out on a trail run what do you do? You leave the snake alone, right? Why do you leave the snake alone? Well, snakes are poisonous, and there are also snakes that can suffocate you by squeezing you to death. That is exactly how negativity and hate is, it poisons a person’s life, and words which drip with disdain (means the general attitude of something or someone being beneath consideration or not valuable enough for respect) might suffocate them. Do you honestly think that people want to be around that? Do you honestly think that it is cool to have that type of personality? Now remember, I am comparing negativity and hate to a snake, NOT people.

All that hate and negativity must be heavy, and it must be exhausting carrying it with you daily. Don’t you think its time to let it all go? I truly hope that you decide to make major changes in your life that will allow you to let love, peace, happiness, prosperity, and light into your soul.

To all my haters out there, thank you for your comments. Thank you for being my biggest fans, and I can’t wait to see you again at a race.

Much love, and peace to you,

Hawaiian in Los Angeles.


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