Product Review: Orange Mud Endurance Pack

“Innovation from frustration” is more than just a motto for the people at Orange Mud; it is something they live by when it comes to their products. I have been a huge supporter of Orange Mud and their products ever since I bought and used my first hand held hydration bottle (You can read all about my favorite hand held hydration bottle here). I was over the moon when I read that Orange Mud is developing their first hydration pack that is a bladder system.

I was running with a CamelPak that had a 100 oz bladder during my long runs. During a long run I wished that Orange Mud has a bladder pack. I was extremely frustrated with the CamelPak I had. It was heavy, I was burning up hot just wearing it, and I just wanted something much more lighter but had a ton of storage.

Orange Mud releases their endurance pack that has a 70 oz water bladder. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Now that I finally got my hands on this beautiful pack, I took it out on long hikes, short hikes, and even on all my runs. This pack may look small, but looks can be deceiving. Let’s dive into the endurance pack.

First off, the bladder. Orang Mud partnered up with HydraPak and I must admit I was scared to open up the top, because the seal was so tight I was scared I’d ruin the bladder. Once I opened the bladder, it is nice to have it actually open at the top, like a zip lock bag. It is extremely easy to fill, and go. The bladder is very easy to access in order to remove it and putting it in the pack is a breeze. Even when you fill the bladder with water, it literally slides into the endurance pack. It is nice. The hose detached and attaches to the bladder easily and quickly.

Let’s talk storage. Storage is important to me. I noticed while running the LA Marathon and the Paris Marathon that I am burning more calories than I had previously, and I’m talking a lot more. It became clear that I need to carry serious nutrition with me on my long runs, and during marathons. This pack has so much storage space, and I was in awe of it.

I have easy pockets to store my salt pills, chapstick, a travel size bottle of sunscreen, a couple of nutrition bars, gummy bears, my photo ID, and my car key.

The pack itself is small, so it rides high on my back, which is absolutely perfect for me. It also fits my torso perfectly. Even with the 70 ounce water bladder, all my stuff, the pack is extremely light weight. I forgot that I had it on. The pack stays perfectly still, even while running down hill. There is no bounce to it. One of the best parts about it staying put, and this is for us ladies, my shirt doesn’t ride up. That’s right, my shirt stayed put as well.

I tested this pack on a seven (7) mile hike. This pack fit perfectly over my jacket during the cold. Once it started getting hot, the endurance pack upgrade (used to hold your trek poles in place on the pack) held my jacket. During the hike, I forgot that I had this pack on. I had a full 70 oz of water in the pouch, two Cliff bars, a pack of gummy bears, my cell phone, my car key, and don’t forget my jacket. Also, it was not hot on my back either. It kept me completely cool and dry.

Remember that pesky problem of having to use the port-a-potty and trying to keep your handheld, running belt, all together while using the potty? I absolutely hated that. I tried to balance putting my running belt over my shoulder, while keeping my handheld in one hand, all while trying to use the port-a-potty. Not any more; because this pack rides high, it makes going to the potty such a breeze. No more worrying about your stuff in the port-a-potty.

After using the pack I feel confident using it for this pack for marathons, and I can’t wait to use this wonderful endurance pack during the Los Angeles Marathon.

For road runs, to trails, to riding your bike in the mountains, this endurance pack is the perfect must have on your adventures. This beautiful endurance pack stole my heart, and I know it will steal your heart too.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Orange Mud and purchase this pack (Link takes you directly to this pack).