Road to LA Marathon: November

I was so glad that there are no more back to back exams in my civil litigation class. Now, I can just focus on one exam, and two projects to work on for my finals week. Also, I am super glad that my schedule at work is starting to be predictable, and not all over the place. It is time to go out for my first run in three (3) weeks.

November 10th: Today is not only the 242nd birthday of the Marine Corps, Happy Birthday Marines! It is also Veteran’s Day. Since my Dad is a Marine and a Veteran, its time to celebrate both with a short run. I also started my fundraising for Students Run L.A. and I’m super excited to be fundraising for a third consecutive year. You can donate here. All the donations go directly to Students Run L.A.

November 11th: Since my afternoon class was cancelled I decided to go out for a run. I’m doing run/walk intervals and getting it down for LAM. Today I did one mile, and ran it in 10:19. My fastest mile since being injured. It felt so good. I struggled to hold my intervals toward the end of that last mile, but I did it. I walked the mile back to campus for a total of two (2) miles today.

November 16th: Nothing like a slow run before work. Today’s goal was to see how long I could hold intervals for. I managed to hold my intervals for almost two (2) miles today. It did feel great to go for a 2.6 mile run (which is actually a 5k run, but the GPS on my Garmin wasn’t able to locate me for the first half mile) to the beach. I couldn’t even jog anymore once I hit the beach. There were hills on this route, so I did slowly walk up the hills in an attempt to save energy and not burn out. The heat didn’t get to me too badly, which is good. It was all just getting physically strong again. I walked back to work.

November 30: I’m finally back out on the trails today with a good friend of mine. My first time in over a year. The hike started from the Bat Cave, and we hiked to the Hollywood Sign and back down. We did a slow pace, and got in over seven (7) miles, with an elevation gain of 1,671 feet. My legs were sore and it felt so great to get out on my trails.

Reflection: Yes, its no secret that I lead a very busy life; two jobs, law school, plus being a mom. Yes, it does get in the way of training at times, but I do train. Both of my jobs require me to be on my feet and walk. My total miles for the month of November, 63.17 miles. All those miles I walk in a day are never, never “wasted miles” they are miles. This month has me a bit more confident for LA Marathon. I do need to start jogging more, in addition to more strength training. I do need to strengthen my knee up, it is key to get my speed back up, and to start training for other goals I have. December is my favorite month of the year, I love Christmas time. I love all the Christmas lights and Christmas trees. That means much more runs so i can see all the pretty lights.