Goals for 2018

Hello, and Happy Belated New Year! My son has been sick, and I have been in an accelerated four week class this month. Now that my son is feeling better, and the class is over, I can finally share with you my goals for 2018.

Starting January 1st, I started a goal to run/walk one thousand (1000) miles for this year. So far, I have a little over one hundred miles, 100.63 miles to be exact. I’m super excited to be taking this challenge on, and right now I am feeling confident that I will surpass the one thousand miles. This one thousand miles in 2018 is also a test for something bigger that’s coming next year. Keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.

This year, I am rebooting my training and I am starting from scratch. This will occur after the Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon in March. This year, I will be running more like I did back in 2014, I will be hitting the trails more, and I will be training harder. I have my eyes set on much bigger goals, its time to stop playing around. Its time to get serious.

In January I celebrated my birthday, however, I had an emotional breakdown. I bottled up everything that had happened to me over the past twelve (12) years, and I haven’t cried since my cousin died in August of 2002. Everything is coming up to the surface and I am dealing with all of it, taking on a little bit at a time.

I will be running races that I haven’t run before this year; this year is also my last year of a full race schedule. This will tie into next year’s goals which I will explain after my last race of 2018.

2018 will be the year that I rebuild my strong foundation that will lead into bigger things. I am excited to be starting over, to be starting new goals, I’m excited to reboot and come back stronger.

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