Inaugural Beverly Hills 5k

A new race! A new race! I’m always excited for new races, and I’m so glad I found this one. I didn’t hesitate in signing up for it either.

Race Day (Jan. 28th): 

I found it very easy to get to the parking structure that was listed in the email for parking. Packet pickup is on race day, beginning at 7am. I arrived at the structure at 5:56am, since packet pickup didn’t start until 7am, and I had my quilt in the car, there was only one thing left to do. I set my alarm on my phone, and I took a nap.

Packet pickup was very organized, and the parking structure is a short walk to the start/finish line, which is right in front of the beautiful City Hall. I know you’ve seen City Hall, it was in “Beverly Hills Cop” and in the movie it was the police station.

I found my friend from IG, and it was so fantastic to meet her in person. She is amazing, and she is becoming a strong runner. We decided to meet up after the race to hang out, and get some photos. I had started the race, crossed the start line, and I forgot to start my Garmin watch. When I went to start it, my Garmin had to decided to update. I grabbed my phone and started my Strava. The course was amazing. There were some inclines, which I love because its strength and speed training in disguise. The course took us around and on Rodeo Drive. It went by fast, and I felt so focused after the first mile. I love this course, it was a fun course.


The finish line festival was such a blast. I hung out with @marathonlion (IG name) and her daughter. They had such a fantastic breakfast for us in front of City Hall. There were free pastries, and free coffee from Nespresso. I am now convinced and wanting to buy a Nespresso machine for my house.

Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for the workouts with the trainers because I had to leave to shower before heading off to work.

The medal is so classy and beautiful. This was such a classy, beautiful and fun event. This is a 5k that I will for sure be running every single year. If you’re in town, please come and run with me next year.

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