Road to LA Marathon: January

I apologize for not posting the month of December, the holidays are always a very busy time for me. December’s total miles are 68 miles. Times to step up those monthly miles.

I figured with these monthly blog series that I prefer to talk to you, rather than listing dates I did training runs, etc. I’d rather focus on the important things that happened during the month, chase down monthly goals, and work on my 1,000 miles for 2018.

Ok, now onto January which was a very interesting month to say the least. A couple of days before my birthday, I had an emotional breakdown. All the things that happened to me over the past 12 years finally made its way to the surface. I can’t bottle it up, I can’t shove it under rocks anymore. I’ve been dealing with it, and I’m letting it run it’s course.

January 21st: The Pasadena Half Marathon; I am a proud Legacy Runner, running this race for the second straight year. Good news is that it was not raining this year, and we had beautiful weather. I know I preach that I learn from races, well this race is no exception. During the first half mile I discovered that I have a shin splint on my right leg as a result from my work shoes in desperate need to be replaced.

My upper hamstrings and glutes were starting to bring on the pain during mile 8. On mile 9 my right foot started to clench with my toes curling inward while I was on the Colorado Bridge.

At mile 11 I was dead tired. I was struggling to finish. I crossed the finish line clocking in my slowest half marathon time. It was time to figure out what went wrong. Why was I so exhausted? Turns it out it was caused by an iron deficiency. I am currently on supplements to bring my iron levels back up.

January 28th: Inaugural Beverly Hills 5k; This is the day I test out my performance after being on supplements for an iron deficiency. I wasn’t expecting any large improvements but I was curious.

Granted, I feel I am also out of running shape. After forgetting to start my Garmin, and my Garmin decided to update, I was late starting my Strava but I got it started.

I did a run/walk that felt good. This 5k run is the first run in a long time where I didn’t feel the slightest bit tired and out of breath. What!!!? Was I low on iron longer than I originally thought? The answer is more than likely. I finished in 40 minutes, which is 9 minutes slower than my PR. I can work with that.

Total Miles: My total miles for January is 100.63. My original goal for the month was 90 miles, and I exceeded that. That makes me so happy. I have 899.37 miles to go to reach my goal of 1,000 miles in 2018. These miles are my runs and walks combined. Either way, walking miles are not wasted miles. I am very proud and I’ve set a new mileage goal for February.

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