Bulletproof Coffee

The secret I’ve been using, its something I have been putting in my coffee that gives me energy all day without the crash, I’m focused during the day, and I sleep easily at night. The secret? Kerrygold Grass-fed, unsalted butter. What?

You heard right.

Why put Grass-fed butter in coffee? Personally, I have difficulty eating breakfast in the morning. When I wake up in the morning I do not want to eat, I feel like my stomach is full. When I’m at work I don’t realize that its past lunch time, I’m starving and I eat too much too fast. By putting butter in my coffee it gives me the necessary calories I need in the morning. The energy I receive is coming from the fat that is in butter, so I stay full of energy and focus during the entire day. An added benefit, weight loss. When I start my morning with butter in my coffee in lieu of breakfast, my body burns fat for energy. I do find myself eating less, however, I do fill up on salads and fruit for lunch. For dinner I will have protein and vegetables. Putting butter in my coffee does curb my cravings for fat, I no longer drink milk. I also found that I fall asleep easier at night, a lot easier.

Coffee contains catechins, which is a type of antioxidant, which has been linked to lower BFI. When you put milk/creamer in your coffee you reduce the amount of catechins. The milk protein actually binds to the catechins and makes the catechins useless to you. So, adding butter to your coffee maximizes your antioxidant intake.

That is all I put in my coffee. No coconut oil, no oils of any kind, no cream and no sugar. Just the butter in my coffee. It is actually delicious, I no longer put cream and sugar in my coffee. It is now it is something I crave in the mornings. Making it is very simple;

  1. Organic coffee
  2. Kerrygold Grass-fed, Unsalted butter

Put two (2) tablespoons of the Kerrygold Grass-fed, unsalted butter in a blender. Brew sixteen (16) ounces of coffee (hot or cold brew). Blend (I use my Nutribullet) in a blender until it is frothy and a beige, cream color. Then Enjoy.




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