Starting All Over…From the Very Beginning 

Previously I talked about just some of my marriage and what it is was like to be in the marriage. Now, it is early 2013 and I just moved back in with my dad.

Scared to Leave the House..

When I first moved back home with my dad I felt hopeless, broken, and exhausted. I just failed on obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I feel I failed as a mother. I didn’t protect my son from my ex-husband as I was fighting to protect him from his biological father. I couldn’t afford a place of my own due to the overwhelming debt that my ex-husband had left me with. I literally hid from the world. I was scared. I was scared to leave the house unless it was to take my son to school. I was scared to do anything. I had no support for the damage that all the emotional and physical abuse did to me. I had not support for the damage that being raped by previous boyfriends did to me.

After a month my dad was forcing me to start doing things. He was nudging me to go look for another job, and even encouraged me to get a gym membership. I went out and got a gym membership. I started hitting the gym every single morning five (5) days a week. I was running at night also five (5) days a week.  I had noticed that my body fat was falling off, my endurance was coming back, and I was gaining muscle.

Building my Work Experience and Resume…

Halloween 2013, I found a temporary part-time job working at Under Armour. I met a lot of wonderful people there who really supported me. They trained me to do everything in the store, they really helped me to come out of shell when it comes to being at work. It was my managers that taught me how to learn a job quickly, and teaching me to be the best employee I can be. They saw my potential. I am forever grateful to everyone who I worked with.

In late 2014, I decided to rid myself of everyone and everything that was the poison that took my life away from me and destroyed it. I deserve a fresh start. I threw away my wedding dress along with everything from my wedding. I threw away everything from my bachelorette party, I sold my wedding set and engagement rings (I paid for my wedding set and my own engagement rings) to a jewelry store. I used that money to pay off a couple of the bills. I got rid of my couch, and any furniture I purchased during my relationship and marriage with him. I donated all my old clothing to the Salvation Army.

I felt so much better after getting rid of all that poisonous things that were weighing me down. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, and now I can move forward.

In the Summer of 2014 I got a job working at 24-Hour Fitness. It was here that I took to the training, the managers, and my co-workers. I ran with it. I was one of the best service representatives in several different locations. I was working hard, and paying off my debts. I still felt the weight of all the debt my ex-husband left me with and I wanted it gone. Now that I am working for 24-Hour Fitness I can continue to build my work experience and my resume.

My Story Continues in “Building a New Foundation” 

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