Building a New Foundation

Going Back to Community College…

I am unsure how and when I decided to go back to community college but what is important is that I did. In the Fall 2015 I started attending Los Angeles City College. I decided to take this step forward. I registered. for one class; I took Forensics Fingerprint Evidence. I decided I would work on getting my certificate in Fingerprint Expert which will allow me to apply for entry level fingerprint specialist jobs. I have always love law and forensics.

I met a professor who saw a fire in me, a fire I thought had burned out a long time ago.  My instructor, who was a fingerprint specialist herself formerly worked for the LAPD, told us that students get hired with this certificate and those students came in to talk to us. No one has been hiring for that position, but I’ve continued to keep my eye out for when a spot opens up.

In the end of I earned my certificate. I was very proud of myself and for the first time in a very long time, I received A’s and B’s (mostly A’s) in all my classes. I never took no more than two classes. Each semester I earned a GPA of 3.54 or higher (usually closer to a 4.0). Since there were no entry positions available I decided that I would take refresher courses (it had been years since I took criminal justice courses) so I decided to take some Administration of Justice courses. In the Fall 2016 I discovered that West Los Angeles College has an Associates Degree in Paralegal.

In the Spring 2017 I took the first paralegal class, Intro to Paralegal Studies, and I attended the required Program Orientation. While I was in the Intro to Paralegal course Professor Jacobson also noticed a huge fire in me. She knew that I was perfect for this field and even suggested that I go to law school to become a lawyer. A lawyer. A dream I’ve had since I was seven years old. A dream I thought I was dead. I quickly switched my  major and began pursuing my life long dream.

In the Fall 2017 I took three paralegal classes. I met the best classmates and the best professors. This was also the first semester that I took part-time classes (the minimum of nine units) and I received a 4.0 GPA. I couldn’t believe it. Straight A’s this semester. This put me on the Dean’s Honor List. The following semester (Spring 2018) I took four courses (full time, minimum twelve units) where I received three A’s and one B; with a semester GPA of a 3.73 I again was placed on the Dean’s Honors List for the second semester in a row.

In the Fall 2018 it was a rough semester for me. Work at 24-Hour Fitness was becoming horrible. I was injured on the job and my managers saw to it that my work life was miserable. They made sure to write me up for following and enforcing the companies policies, harassed me and threatened my job. I again, took four classes and I was placed on the Dean’s Honors List with a 3.54 semester GPA (two A’s and two B’s). This semester I also was awarded the President’s Honor for being on the Dean’s Honor List for three consecutive semesters.

Built Up My Credit…

In 2015 I leased my first car by myself. I leased a 2015 Honda Civic. I was so proud of myself. It is the first time I was able to get a car without a co-signer. Even though I was leasing it, I didn’t care. I felt terrific. I traded in my very first car, a 2000 Honda Civic, that my mom co-signed for me when I financed it.

In December 2017, after three years of leasing my 2015 Honda Civic it was time to see if I can finance it. American Honda (who leased me the 2015 Civic) said no. I went back to Hardin Honda in Anaheim, CA (who helped me finance the car) and the sales representative lied to me. He showed me paperwork that wasn’t my finance record with Honda, and he completely lied to me. I was incredibly angry when I left. I immediately went to Riverside Honda (the next closest Honda dealership) and explained what happened at Hardin Honda.

It was a good thing I went to them because I was able to finance a car without a co-signer; but not just any car, a brand new 2018 Honda Civic. I felt very accomplished, and proud of myself.

I have been taking such excellent car of this vehicle, including paying to have my interior detailed when I accidentally spill my BCAAs, and I even accidentally spilled the vingerette from Chiplote on my front seat. I am very carefully to keep this car looking super new. Its the very first brand new car I’ve ever owned. It’s the very first car that I financed on my own. I love this car.

In December 2018 I left 24-Hour Fitness. I wasn’t getting promoted, in fact, every time I applied for a promotion I was getting blacklisted by my current managers at the time. I was hitting a glass ceiling and couldn’t break through. The work was no longer satisfying me, it was dreadful to go to work, I was depressed working there, and it was no longer a good fit for me. It was time for me to leave. Since I had settled my lawsuit with the company I had money to sustain me until I could find another job. When I quit a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I could now focus on healing from the injuries I sustained at work, and I could focus on finding a better job.

My Story Continues in “Graduation of my Dreams” 

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