Unique Souvenirs from Paris

Last year, I wrote about my time in Paris, and about the Marathon de Paris. As I was putting all my pictures, and souvenirs in my photo album it dawned on me that I never told anyone what souvenirs I brought home from Paris. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but I did manage to bring home some unique keepsakes.

Metro Tickets: There is nothing better than remembering your trip to see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and any other places than by keeping the Metro tickets. I kept all of my Metro tickets, including the ticket from Paris the Charles de Gaulle. I loved taking the Metro all over Paris, and the tickets are small and cute. You will use the Metro throughout your stay in Paris, which is what makes these an unique and perfect Paris souvenir. Its also a perfect decoration to put on the pages of your photo album with the pictures you took.


Public Transit Map: I have both of my public transportation maps, one is the Metro (pictured) and the other is the public bus. These maps are unique, because each city is unique. A bonus is that these maps are free. Its good to pick up a public transit map from everywhere you go. The hotel I stayed at also gave me a map of the City with all its landmarks as well as shopping. I have this map as well.


Eiffel Tower Miniature: You can find these in souvenir shops all over Paris. I bought mine from outside the Louve, a lot of people were selling them for the souvenir shops that were across the street. Not only did I get the miniature (pictured) but I also got two Eiffel Tower keychains for 10 Euro. It is one of the most bought souvenir, however, you can take home a smaller version of this iconic monument.


Museum Entry Tickets: Two things I also kept was my ticket into the Louve as well as the map of the Louve. I try to keep every single ticket I can.


Newspaper/Magazine: I didn’t get a chance to grab a newspaper before I left Paris, however, I did manage to grab a magazine called Journal du Runner while I was at the Saloon du Running. This magazine reminds me of what was going on during my visit to Paris. I was getting ready to run the Marathon de Paris.

Buying a newspaper reminds you of what was going on in the world during your stay. Its also a cheap and unique keepsake. You can find Newspaper Kiosk throughout Paris, and they also carry souvenir postcards, keychains, etc. Each one is different so be sure to check them all out.


Robin Ruth Purse: Robin Ruth is a designer that creates unique purses, handbags, backpacks, etc from cities around the world. These bags are unique to that particular city. I happen to find several at the newspaper/magazine kiosks. It cost 20 Euro, it is super cute, they have a variety of styles and sizes.


Receipts: This is also a great way to remember that night you spend in a Parisian restaurant, the food you had, and also to remember the experience of that particular night. When I look at these receipts it takes me right back to those Parisian cafes and restaurants.


Starbucks City Cups: This is by far one of the most expensive souvenirs I brought home. These beautiful Starbucks cups can run over 20 Euro. I bought a set of these two little ones (pictured) for 18,50 Euro. I am planning another trip to Paris, please stay tuned for more.


Coffee Cups: You can find so many cute coffee cups in the souvenir shops. My mug takes me back to Parisian mornings of coffee and croissants. I bought mine for 6,95 Euro. You can even find some that the handle has a place for your spoon, and you can even buy a set of two for under 20 Euro. These coffee cups will commemorate your trip to Paris.

Stay tuned for more keepsakes to bring home from Paris. 

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