Broke Up with the Birth Control Pill

Its been over a year since I’ve been off the pill. In previous posts (Insert posts and links here) I discussed what the pill does to a women’s body, as well as how it effects fitness goals, weight loss, and how it can make a woman gain weight. When I say weight gain I’m talking more than just ten pounds.

The pill was keeping me from my fitness goals. No matter how clean I ate, how much I worked out, I wasn’t seeing any changes. The pill was also affecting me emotionally, especially when I was unable to control my anger. I was worried about my PMDD symptoms if I got off the pill. I discussed it with my doctor, and she said if the pill is not controlling my symptoms, then the pill is the cause of my symptoms. So, I got off the pill, and got the copper IUD.

Fitness Goals:

The results have been amazing. I am now able to gain and maintain muscle. I have gained my muscular curves back as well.


I am not starving myself anymore. I know what you are thinking, why was I starving myself? It wasn’t intentional, while I was on the pill my appetite decreased. I would only eat maybe once a day and my stomach would never grumble. Since I wasn’t eating enough, my body was also not responding. I have gained my appetite back. I am eating to fuel my body, and eating a lot. I am on a high calorie diet, which is necessary for how active I am daily. My body is responding extremely well to it, and I am seeing major results in a short amount of time.

The Pill and Weigh Gain:

I had gained so much weight when I went on the pill. I couldn’t shed the weight off no matter what I did. My personal trainers were getting frustrated with me because I wasn’t losing any fat or weight, in fact, I was gaining. They would tell me I’m not eating right and I’m not exercising enough, etc. They didn’t take me seriously because of seeing no results and they ended up dropping me as a client.

I am still losing inches and body fat. I still have a lot of fat to lose in a couple of places on my body, but I have come a long way. I’m continuing to work hard, workout hard, eat clean, and I am continuing to see results. Those results not only show in pictures, but in how others see me. They see me as muscular, not fat. Now, I get hit on more times than I can count, when compared to before when no one would hit on me.


PMDD Symptoms:

My PMDD symptoms have completely disappeared as well. It is much easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up in the mornings. I can easily get through a two-hour workout without feeling tired and groggy. It was difficult to get through my day, and even worse trying to get through training and running errands.

Today, I can get through a full day of work, training, classes, and running errands. There is nothing like being able to feel like a human being and being among society. Its a lot better than feeling like a zombie.

When Considering Birth Control..

Make sure that you talk to your doctor and take all the pros and cons into consideration. You’re health is very important and it should not be taken for granted. When you feel like felt while you are taking the birth control pill, its time to get off and choose another method. If you are where I was, working out religious as well as eating clean and you are not seeing any results. Its time to get off the pill and find another method of birth control. In my opinion, there are more cons than pros when it comes to that tiny little pill. In the beginning, that little pill may have helped me but in the end it hurt me so much more.

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