Organization is Key

Being a single parent is tough for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons is that I have the responsibility of keeping track of not only my changing schedule, but my son’s as well. My son’s is a little bit more tricky because I have to arrange someone to pick him up and drop him off. I was using the calendar on my iPhone with set reminders, but that quickly went out the window. I am not allowed to use my cell phone while I am at work, which forced me to come up with another solution.

I am a visual person. I learn by observatory, and doing. This is important to me when choosing ways to organize. I also keep a lot of schedules, appointments, etc so I need a lot of writing space.

While I was at Hobby Lobby with my mom, I saw this beautiful planner. It was an eighteen month planner with big pages to write a lot of events down in. The more I looked at it the more I realized that this is perfect. I had the solution to my problem.

It is a beautiful and colorful planner. I can be creative with stickers, different color pens, and even adding my budget calendar to it. It is called Happy Planner.

A Month at a Glance and One Week at a Time

The layout is extremely nice. I can see an entire month in advance. I do place stickers in img_2960the month to show me if I have something going on in img_2961advance. This allows me to see what I have for an entire month, and its layer out conveniently.


I have plenty of space to write out numerous tasks/events I have scheduled for the day and week. I have my work schedule for the week, my class schedule, class assignments/projects due, my training schedule, my son’s extra circular activities and where that activity will be at. I also have who will be picking him up and dropping him off as well.

Budget Planning

These budget planners are a God send. I am able to visualize where my money is going img_2964outside of bills, which allows me to save money for upcoming trips, fun days with my son, etc.

It also shows me a year of saving, how much I will have in my saving at the end of the year when I add it all up. I have my budget planner in the back of my monthly planner. I carry both with me in the same planner.


That is the best thing about the Happy Planner. It is fully customizable. You can change img_2975the color of the rings, you can buy expansion rings to add more in your planner, you can add stickers, and make it all fun. I love to make my fun, colorful, and inspiring. Happy Planner has a wide variety of sticker books that you can buy to customize your planner with.

I also combine two stickers in order to create a custom sticker. In my “Mom” sticker book there are stickers that are titled “Whats for Dinner”. I take those, since they have room to write, and cover up the “Whats for Dinner” part with another sticker. Its really cool, and it allows me to use of all the stickers.

img_2977You can even build your own planner. That’s right. You can buy the rings, the cover (front and back) and then any pages you wish. I made a custom one to keep at home which lists all emergency contacts, my son’s doctor, etc. I keep it at home for my son just in case. Also inside is a replica weekly planner so my son can look and see where I am during the day.

To learn more about the Happy Planner and their products visit their website. They also have Happy Planners for kids.

Hobby Lobby and Michaels have excellent deals on Happy Planner products.


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