ProCompression Socks

I have been wanting to try these socks out for a couple of years now. They are kinda pricy which is what made me so scared to try them. They came out with their September sock of the month which was “Tropical Vibes” and I had to get them.

“Tropical Vibes” – My Island Vibes

These socks are very fitting for me, plus, ProCompression gave out a 40% off code. I dived right in and bought them. I received them in a couple of days. The day I got them in the mail, I decided to put them on and relax. My calf’s have been killing me for a week now, they have been sore and stiff. A couple of my toes on my left foot have also been hurting me as well.

Right when I put them on, I felt instant relief. They are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The band at the top of the sock does not get tight and does not cut into my skin either. They actually go all the way over my calf which is a huge bonus for me, because I have had issues in the past with compression socks fitting all the way over my calf’s.

I could not wait to take these out for a run. I went for a short run, and it was Heaven. My calf’s felt fantastic during the run, no pain at all. There was no cramping and no pain in my feet as well as my toes. It was the best run I’ve had since I started running and weight lifting again.

The next day my calfs, feet, and toes feel fantastic, no more soreness and stiffness in my muscles. The pain is gone as well. No after run pain either. I slept great as well, the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in weeks.

I have my eyes on four (4) other pairs. These compression socks are mana from Heaven. I highly recommend these socks to all athletes. They are perfect for running, and recovery. Head on over to ProCompression and check out their many different styles. They even have compression socks in solid colors for professionals. I’ll be buying a pair of those for work.

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