First Weeks of Recovery…

After Thanksgiving I had my copper IUD removed (you can read all about what it did to my health here. These entry is only the first couple of weeks of my recovery so far. This is highlighting the imporvement in my health and the ‘symptoms’ I was experiencing while being on the copper IUD.

Day of Removal (11/27/18): I went to bed without extreme muscle soreness in my legs, and I feel to sleep with ease.

The Next Morning: I woke up with a dry throat and had a headache by the afternoon. I noticed that my stomach wasn’t as round and puffy as it was before. It was actually going down, a lot.

Thursday (11/29) – Thursday (12/6): Even after getting only three (3) hours of sleep I woke up with ease and didn’t feel extreme exhaustion. No more bleeding gums when I brush my teeth in the morning. Friday I had developed a high fever and was vomiting violently. Turns out I caught the flu for the very first time in my life. Yuck. I went for a run and discovered that my legs are not as sore as they were before. I’m able to run easier now. I still had the flu when I ran so probably not the best time to evaluate my athletic performance. No more achy legs walking from my car to class. I can now walk all day with no aches, pains, and not feeling any fatigue at all.

Sunday (12/8) – Thursday (12/13): My menstrual cycle only last three (3) days like it did before, with no PMS (and no PMDD) symptoms at all. No extremely heavy bleeding either (which was a nightmare). My very round and puffy stomach is just about gone as well. My complexion (on my face) is improving as well. My complexion is now brighter, and my acne is starting to go away as well. My feet are not as cold as they were, I can go to bed without socks on now. My hands are still a little dry but drastically improved.

My appetite is starting to come back, and I am finally going to restroom more frequently. I am finally starting to drink more water with ease, and by Thursday my appetite was completely back to normal. The weight is still coming off like crazy, and I am now able to drink 100 ounces of water with ease by early afternoon daily. My sugar cravings are finally gone, and my mind is no longer in a fog. I can fully focus on tasks, and keep that focus all day and night. I also noticed the red blotches on the right side of my face are completely gone. My acne is almost completely gone as well. I still have my battle with depression, however, the suicidal thoughts are gone. My anxiety and stress levels have also decreased dramatically. I am feeling healthier and happier.

I still have a long road ahead of me though. I’m still detoxing (80% veggies and 20% proteins and fats) to remove the excess copper that is still in my body. My hair is still falling out, and it is a lot. That still worries me. My nails are still brittle as well. I’m hoping that these will show signs of improvement next month.

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